27 August 2008

Sports goods sold hotly after Olympic

The clothes which the Chinese sports delegation wore when they recived the honor introduced by Adidas are popular, the Olympic Games since the start, many department stores have sold as many as hundreds. Reporter was informed that the Beijing Olympic Games has been new opportunities of sporting goods market development, sports clothing and sports equipment, fitness equipment are all showed sales.
China printed, Fuwa, and other elements of the Beijing Olympic sports apparel is in popular particularly. A business purchased the four of the T-shirt, ready to give to friends after return home. According to reports, in addition to national Olympic guests, Beijing citizen are particularly willing to invest. 680 RMB a "Chinese sports delegation receive clothes," more than 800 RMB of Olympic commemorative basketball game in short supply, such as clothes, sports brand store sales high.

Yesterday, Reporters saw a department store, there were so many people in sports shop in the mall, Li Ning, Reebok and other sports brand took the opportunity to launch marketing activities, shopping gifts including shoulders bags, basketball gifts, and the introduction of "restriction of 08 , "And even drawing. Saleswoman said that in addition to sports shoes, sports apparel relatively popularly, like tennis, badminton racket, football and other equipment category of goods, has become hot spot of consumption.

"Sports is not only physical health but also has become a casual manner." A citizen said. In the area, you can see children riding, playing roller sports, young people playing table tennis and badminton,The elders dancing vehicles everywhere……, Beijing residents took part in Olympic using their own style. People of this field Analysis, "Olympic" sports-drove consumer heat is only a beginning, there should be the peak in the next few years.