20 August 2008

The Real Olympic Spirit

The 29th Beijing Olympic Game is going to the end. I was deeply affected by some of matches. I think may be this is because of the real Olympic spirit and it’s charm.

Lang Ping, Nicknamed the “Iron Hammer,” is considered by many to be a national hero in China. She was a member of the Chinese Women's National Team—winners of an Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics, a World Championship crown in 1982 and World Cup titles in 1981 and 1985. In 1995, Ping became the head coach of the Chinese national team and eventually guided the squad to the silver medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2005, she signed on to be the head coach of the USA Women’s National Volleyball Team.

On the last Friday night, the 14,000-seat stadium was full packed. The Chinese team and The USA Team crossed swords in volleyball game. Both of them are excellent. In the end, the Chinese Team lost the match. With deafening cheers of "Go China" reverberating around. Although the Chinese team lost the match eventually, the spectators were calm and showed full understanding of the result.

“I am a little bit disappointed for the loss of the Chinese team, but it's okay, because we also love Lang Ping. She is very professional and her love for volleyball is really impressive. She should be credited with the improvement of the U.S. team," said a spectator in his 30s surnamed Ma, who works for an IT company.

I think everyone is the hero if he try his best. Sports has no national boundaries. Let’s cheer for Lang ping, Cheer for Olympic spirit!