13 August 2008

How to care a dog?

Dogs are human’s friends all long, people like feed dogs at home, and some of them are regarded as one of the family. A dog is not a person, it can not speak, and can not care itself, so we have to learn what to give dog for eating, how to help dog bath, how to play with dogs and make them comfortable…

What does a dog like to eat?
May be you would say:"bone". Yes, dogs like eating bone, this is a common sense. We often find a dog eating bone when watching TV or in a book. But beside the bone, dogs need other food to keep the nutrition of their bodies, it is just like human.

Dogs, especially young ones need a diet with high levels of proteins, fatty matters, vitamins and minerals to promote the development of bones and muscles. Dogs are meant to be carnivores and meat loaded with fat and protein is the best food but, you can make them omnivores /vegetarians by giving them a well balanced vegetarian meal complete with needed nutrients. Dry, canned and semi- moist foods are readily available from stores as dog food. Dry food which costs the least comes in chunks or nuggets which can be nibbled and may be served by itself or by moistening or mixing with milk, oil (1tsp corn oil with 1/ pound dry food) or with a whole cooked egg. Dogs need minimum 15% of protein a day and the average recommendation is between 22 and 25% and that of fat between 20 and 50 %.

Home made food must be well balanced. It can be boiled meat with rice, oats etc or a vegetarian option can be lentils cooked with vegetables like spinach or soya bean cooked and mixed with either rice or whole grain pasta. Food must be served warm or at room temperature and not straight out of the fridge. Fresh water for drinking should be made available at all times.

How to save money on dogs' food
The key to saving here is not to go cheap, but going big. Buy quality food, as recommended by your vet, in bulk.
For example, we found that an eight-pound bag of dog food costs about $15, while a 40-pound bag of the same food costs about $50. Buying the bigger bag saves you $25.
The same is true for cat food. The average price for a four-pound bag of food is $12, and for 20-pounds, it's $37. That's a savings of $23 when you buy in bulk.

Dogs like we human, they should have their own “home”. In modern times, Dog having their own houses is a trend. How to build a house for dogs?
There are four steps:
1. Build the base.
2. Build and attach the wall framing.
3. Add the roof frame.
4. Add the walls.

You can also buy it in pet market, there are other things for dogs such as: Dog Bed, Dog Carrier, Dog Kennel etc.

Dress up your dog
Everyone who like dogs may dress up his/her dogs with beautiful dog clothes, Vest, Pajamas etc. Dog clothes is small and nice, dogs wearing clothes will keep them warm and looks beautiful.

Dog Bathing
Bathe them once in two - three weeks or even a month. Use mild soap or shampoo. Stop use if any redness or itching is noticed. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing. When washing your dog, keep the water out of his ears and eyes as much as possible. Use large pieces of cotton to block the ears and don't forget to remove them after bath.

Dog exercise
Exercise is a requirement as important as feeding for dogs. They are inherent energetic and piquant, so, if you leave them in the house all day, they may be sick and not lively, Or become bored and bad tempered. In fact, you only need release them to run and jump, they will keep health and lively.