06 August 2008

2008, Welcome Beijing Olympic

It is Augest 7th, 2008 today, Tomorrow is the date of Beijing Olympic’ starting. This is the first time for China, We wait for the time for a hundred years. And now, we are ready for Beijing Olympics, we belive that we can hold a successful Olympic games, Welcome to Beijing, Welcome Beijing Olympic Games!

Beijing Olympics Stadium
Bird’s Nest is the main venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. garnered 52,671 votes out of 72,841 ballots cast in the selection organized by the Beijing News. It looks like a huge brid’ s nest. The Birds Nest Model, adopting new kind of high quality plastic as material, is successfully produced, with its attractive appearance and functional design. Elegant and graceful, the Model features a unique appearance design and novel style; very much alike with the real Beijing 2008 Olympic National Stadium which is nicknamed Birds Nest. In addition, because of its intelligent built-in sensor controlled by sound, it can also bring us the beautiful traditional Chinese music with colorful lights, which makes us feel personally on the scene of the Olympic events.

The National Swimming Center, or "Water Cube," and the leaning towers of China Central Television's headquarters, under construction in Beijing, as well as Financial Street, also ranked high.

Olympic Village
In the Athletes' Village at the Beijing Olympics competitors and some delegation chiefs are doing all they can to make themselves feel at ease as they get ready for the 'greatest show on earth'. Beijing prepare for athlete the comfortable living environment. Every 4 or 5 athletes share a flatlet, which including about 3 rooms, 2 toilets. Everyone has a comfortable bed. Some fashion decoration are seen in the rooms, all of these prepared for guests is to making them feel at home. In the Olympic dinning room, You can eat all what you want to eat, there are all kinds of food supplying, East food, West Food, Mediterranean sea style and so on. If you come to Beijing, you’d better have a try to eat Chinese snack, such as Peking Duck, you will never forget.

Beijing Security
Earlier in June, China launched a week-long series of anti-terrorist drills called “Great Wall 5″, in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. The drills involved emergency responders, "police forces, the People’s Armed Police, the People’s Liberation Army and the health, environmental protection, meteorology and transportation departments.” according to China’s Xinhua News Agency. Just make sure if the guy who wins the long jump isn’t your favourite, it’ll probably be best to give him a big round of applause anyway, you wouldn’t want to be on the end of the flame sprayer.

Travelling in Beijing
This is the first time to come to Beijing for many people, Beijing is the capital of China, It is a modern and old-line city, the center of china economy and polity. If you come to Beijing, you must go to the Great Wall, China has a saying that” Those who don't reach the Great Wall are not true men”,Besides, there are many place good for you to go to in Beijing, Such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tian'anmen Square an so on..

In a word, Welcome to Beijing, Welcome Beijing Olympics!