18 August 2008

A joyful travelling to Yuntai Moutain

Last week, My friends and I went to Yuntai Moutain for travelling.Yuntai Moutain, Which located at the south foot of the Taihang Mountain in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo, Henan province. It mainly consists of the Yuntai Mountain Natural Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain resort and other surrounding areas. The park is known for its massive gardening areas, overhanging high cliffs, flying waterfalls, secluded valleys and spring water.

We have gone to four sight of Yuntai Moutain, and spent 2 days to travel it. because it is so huge. There are many buses for visitors to go from one sight to another.

The First Day
The first sight we went to is The Red Stone Canyon. The Red Stone Canyon, which is a rare canyon sight in north China with waterfalls, lakes, pools and gullies, is highly acclaimed by gardening experts as a “natural gallery for mountain and river collections” because of its grand and exclusive landscapes. The most splendid waterfall in the canyon is the Bailong Waterfall, divided into three falls, measuring 30 meters in height. It looks as shiny as a huge silver dragon. A good place for waterfall watching is the Heilong (Black Dragon) Cave, which is as long as 30 meters with absolute darkness inside. Standing in the cave, you can not only see the marvelous falls dashing down into the deep pools but also the perilous high stiffs, narrowly separated from each other by fast-flowing gullies so that the sky is scarcely visible. The spring water flowing down the cliffs splashes into water drops that dazzle in the sunlight like colorful diamonds, looking like a unique picture hanging on the wall.

In the afternoon, we climbed the Zhuyu Mountain. Zhuyu is the main peak of Yuntai Moutain, it is 1,308 meters above the sea level. Mounting by the scaling ladder to the top, you can have a wonderful overview of everything at your feet. Looking north far into the Taihang Mountain, you can see the mountains and hills extending continuously. Looking south to the Huaichuan Plain, you can see the Yellow River winding its way like a belt and extending fields.

The Second Day

We went to the Tanpu Canyon and Quanpu Canyon. The water of Tanpu Canyon looks so clean that it looks just like a piece of pure jade set in the canyon. The Immortal Spring, which flows one meter above the ground from a funnel on the stone steps at the back of the pool, gushes all year round continuously. Another sight in the Tanpu Canyon is The well-known Yuntai Heaven Waterfall, with a falling head of 314 meters lies in the Laotan Valley scenic spot.
Quanpu Canyon is also called The Gurry Channel. There is a saying:"One spring three steps, One waterfall five steps, One pond ten steps".So, you can imagines that how beautiful it is!

The Yuntai mountain like a picture you see in the book, and it is worth traveling to Yuntai Moutain!