24 August 2008

China hold a successful Olympic!

Yesterday, the Beijing 29th Olympic Games was over. People all over the world celebrated the wonderful Olympic Games in Bird's Nest.

Some political analysts say Beijing placed too much importance on the Games, and others said the country failed to live up to its promises to open up and undertake political changes that would improve the country’s human rights record. But this afternoon, Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympics Committee, which awarded the games to Beijing in 2001, said: “The world has learned about China, and China has learned about the world, and I believe this is something that will have positive effects for the long term.”

They were a triumph of the will for a people and a government determined to show their skill and confidence, as both athletes and organizers, to a world that once treated China as a weak, servile nation.

Olympics closure was so wonderful as it's opening ceremon.The Beijing Olympics came to a dazzling close, ending two weeks of spectacular athletic performances during an Olympic competition that was surprisingly free of protests or the disruptions that some, including Beijing, had anticipated. With Chinese fans chanting “Zhongguo Jiayou!” or “Go China!,” and hundreds of millions of people tuning in everyday by television, some of the biggest audiences in television history, the games served to strengthen pride in the country at a time of rising nationalism.

I think the Beijing Olympic will remembered by people all over the world. It's maybe the nicest menory of someone who won in the Olympic game.It's success will affect the 2012 London Olympic and others from now on.