21 August 2008

Environmentally Friendly Material Used in Olympic Venue

Recently, relevant departments disclosed that the Beijing Olympic Games construction projects used a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic materials widely in the news release of the independent innovation in Beijing Olympic venue construction. This material’s ageing resistance close to 100%.

The deputy director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Yang Weiguang, said such wood-plastic material is a mixture of wood and plastic products, The wood is used of the wood waste that is energy-saving materials. Concretely, there are two main aspects applications in project.. The first is regarding it as an architectural decoration materials, the second area is using it as a template alternative in the process of casting cement works.

Ding Jianming, who is the Chief Engineer of Beijing 2008 Project Construction Headquarters Office, also said, these wood-plastic materials had the prominent feature of a certain texture of the wood, while not consume wood. With the anti-aging properties of plastic, Then a new combination of products was produced . In the Olympic village, buildings are erected each of the decorative lines, as some of the brown wood lines texture and other decoration aremade from wood-plastic materials. A large number of places used wood-plastic materials are a relatively in the landscape and urban furniture. In the Olympic Center, Forest Park, the Olympic village, some small bridge above the road, including decorative chairs, shaded canopy, flower racks and so on, including even small modeling, sculpture plastic materials are used too. Olympic Park, the important regional able to take advantage of the wood-plastic instead of wood are used, especially in the home landscape of these cities, the outdoor environment. The using of wood-plastic aging resistance, not 100 percent, but almost.

Ding Jianming said that the Olympic project construction decoration materials, extensive use of the compound, it is to achieve a high standard of environmental protection requirements after the composite material, and this is a wide range of composite materials, wood-plastic composite materials is that one of them, has also been a large number of applications.