28 August 2008

Influence Brought by Beijing Olympics to China

The Beijing 29th Olympic Game has been closed for about a week, but I think we Chinese will not forget the wonderful Olympic Game, it was great and successful, the most important thing is Beijing Olympic Game will bring huge and far-reaching impact to Beijing and China.

China has developed these years, but foreigners may not noticed. The changes in Beijing over the past seven years are so fast that if one revisits Beijing after a short while, many appearances from impressions not long ago would have undergone changes due to new constructions and renovations. There are so many new and old landmark buildings that one just loves both the new and old.

Constructions like Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Olympic Park, and the new CCTV building have combined Chinese and western methods. They employed western mechanics and aesthetics, and then fused with spirits and notions of special Chinese flavor. In this way they have created landmarks of greatness and beauty, enticing admiration and praises of those who see it.

To change some traditional habits, Beijing residents study how to be hygiene, ride buses and subways, dine and drink, talk, and other civilized behaviors; in order to be able to communicate with westerners, they study English and western etiquettes etc. These matters seem to be trivial and ordinary, but for Beijing residents, they are actually not simple. This is something that people who have never experienced the process of giving up old habits would not realize.

China has never been touted as a holiday sweet spot, but as the Olympiads and spectators visit, they may find that China is the perfect place for a vacation. The Chinese tourism industry will likely do very well for the few quarters following the Olympic games. If you were to make any play on the Olympic games, the tourism industry is the perfect place to start.

We look forward to this Olympics, just as its slogan "One World, One Dream" would have people looking forward to. This extraordinary meaningful goal will leave peace and security of all humankind a historical testimony and common ideal. It is the glory of China, but more, it is the expectation of the world.

Chinese were respected for Beijing Olympic’s success, we are confident and capable.

27 August 2008

Sports goods sold hotly after Olympic

The clothes which the Chinese sports delegation wore when they recived the honor introduced by Adidas are popular, the Olympic Games since the start, many department stores have sold as many as hundreds. Reporter was informed that the Beijing Olympic Games has been new opportunities of sporting goods market development, sports clothing and sports equipment, fitness equipment are all showed sales.
China printed, Fuwa, and other elements of the Beijing Olympic sports apparel is in popular particularly. A business purchased the four of the T-shirt, ready to give to friends after return home. According to reports, in addition to national Olympic guests, Beijing citizen are particularly willing to invest. 680 RMB a "Chinese sports delegation receive clothes," more than 800 RMB of Olympic commemorative basketball game in short supply, such as clothes, sports brand store sales high.

Yesterday, Reporters saw a department store, there were so many people in sports shop in the mall, Li Ning, Reebok and other sports brand took the opportunity to launch marketing activities, shopping gifts including shoulders bags, basketball gifts, and the introduction of "restriction of 08 , "And even drawing. Saleswoman said that in addition to sports shoes, sports apparel relatively popularly, like tennis, badminton racket, football and other equipment category of goods, has become hot spot of consumption.

"Sports is not only physical health but also has become a casual manner." A citizen said. In the area, you can see children riding, playing roller sports, young people playing table tennis and badminton,The elders dancing vehicles everywhere……, Beijing residents took part in Olympic using their own style. People of this field Analysis, "Olympic" sports-drove consumer heat is only a beginning, there should be the peak in the next few years.

How Much do know about the folding door?

A folding door can make the space wider

A folding door is a type of door which opens by folding back in sections. They are usually to be found indoors. Create large, opening glass walls with folding doors. With up to twelve panels, openings up to 36 feet wide are possible.

Panels are connected together in a train. Panels can be hinged off both side jambs to meet in a number of ways. With an odd number stacking to one side, a swing door is possible. Instead of multiple panels on multiple tracks, Folding Doors are on a single track.

The disappearing wall, made possible by an ever-increasing number of folding-door products on the market, accomplishes for residential architects what until recently had been seen mostly in restaurants and hotels. The folding door products available today for residential applications allow 30, 40, 50 ft. or more of wall to be opened up, unobstructed, to erase the line between indoors and out.

The most common residential applications for these folding doors are in great rooms, family rooms and kitchens, where they open a wall to outdoor living areas. Depending on the model and the level of engineering applied, unobstructed openings of 10 ft. to a hundred feet can be created.

The security of folding door
Folding security door gates have been engineered to restrict access to door openings that range between 24” and 48” in width and 61” to 83” in height. Door security gates are made with a reversible hinge design that allows them to be mounted to either the right side of the doorway or the left side. When the gate is opened, it they will pivot a full 180 degrees to allow safe, convenient access to the building. Every door security gate includes a locking bar to secure the unit and block unauthorized access and/or intrusion.

26 August 2008

Radiators Make The Winter Warm

Is washing in winter bothering you? it is so cold that having a bath in a bathroom without radiator in winter.I had the anguished experience. At that time, I always hastily washed myself and toweled off quickly, it was like battling.

Now days, radiator has becoming more popular.A conventional hot-water radiator consists of a sealed hollow metal container, usually flat in shape. Hot water enters at the top of the radiator by way of pressure, from a pump elsewhere in the building, or by convection.

Using radiator is a wise decision for old, drafty and uncomfortable bathrooms, as it offers plenty of heats to the entire room and towels and works as a main heater in the bathroom.Radiators are available in a wide verities, ranges, shapes and colors, so that you can use them according to your choice and preferences matching to your interior decoration.

Now radiators are manufactured in different materials such as glass and stone with some feel good factors. Let us have a discussion about their varieties.

Glass radiators:
These are completely transparent made from 13mm thick tough safety glass can be wall or floor mounted and available in huge range and varieties. There is no need of plumbing to install.

Stone radiators:
Stone radiators are the energy savers than the conventional. These are made of granite, marble and lime stone, can be used by electricity or plumbed into central heating system to consume less water than a traditional radiator. The stones which are being used are containing the heat retaining properties.

Low surface temperature Radiators:
These are having the heating capacity not more than 43°C and usually being used in commercial buildings as well as increasingly popular in the home for using in children's bedroom.

Cast iron radiators:
This is the cost effective option, which is very capable in gaining heat and emitting it efficiently for a long period, even if you switch off the central heating. Because of the heat retention quality of the cast iron radiators, they are becoming popular by resisting the condensation and damp of the building.

Aluminium Radiator
Advantages to aluminum radiators include lighter weight, simplified recycling (it is all one material), repairability (it can be welded), durability, environmental friendliness and lower tooling costs. They are not subject to cracking at high temperatures and as the joints are brazed, the bonds are stronger than the solder used in copper-brass radiators, the company said.

Choose the right radiator for your bathroom and enjoy your life!

25 August 2008

The Secret for Making up Your Bathroom

Do you think your bathroom dim and simple? Why not to decorate with mosaic? Mosaic tiles will give you a big surprise, it is so especially and very beautiful.

Oftentimes, interior designers and architects have taken into their priority having different designs, prints and styles of bathroom tiles. Indeed, a homeowner may choose from a wide variety of designs and styles. Some of the varieties are those different shapes and colors of mosaic bathroom tile made from porcelain, glass, steel or ceramics. If you prefer to have the mosaic bathroom tile, then you have to decide carefully regarding its particularities especially its border, blend, pattern and effect.

Mosaic tiles will let you create your own series of patterns. They can easily be placed not only on the bathroom floors but also on its walls with such decorative and extraordinary style. By applying a makeover for your bathroom using mosaic tiles, undoubtedly, it could give your bathroom a sense of drama and self-inspired look.

Mosaic tiles are classified several kinds:porcelain, ceramic, glass or natural stone.

Porcelain tile is among the most popular choices of flooring and it has evidently become among the most favorite tiling for bathroom in residential areas. It has high quality, very versatile, gives the homeowner a lot of choices as to design and color, and could actually be used in nearly all surfaces that could be tiled. However, don’t be too hasty to jump to judge the popularity of the materials and hop into the bandwagon. It is always best to know the material if you are planning to use it yourself.

Ceramic Mosaic Tile is about collecting the same natural stones that are glued onto a 12" x 12" mesh back. There are numerous sources for these special polished stones; however it seems like the Indonesian islands provide the largest selection, what explains their growing popularity.

Originally, glass mosaic type is vitreous glass mosaic, which was used widely to make swimming pool. But with the fast technology and workmanship developed during the past 5 to 10 years, glass mosaic glass mosaic evolved to the main categories in addition to the original vitreous glass mosaic

ALLOY mosaic tiles is very special.As a result ALLOY mosaic tiles provide an ideal finish and are highly sought after world wide, featuring in many high profile commercial and domestic interiors and exteriors.The ALLOY mosaic tile range now encompasses a full range of materials including stainless steel, copper, brass and raw steel in a wide range of finishes, shapes and sizes accompanied with a full range of installation finishing pieces.

24 August 2008

China hold a successful Olympic!

Yesterday, the Beijing 29th Olympic Games was over. People all over the world celebrated the wonderful Olympic Games in Bird's Nest.

Some political analysts say Beijing placed too much importance on the Games, and others said the country failed to live up to its promises to open up and undertake political changes that would improve the country’s human rights record. But this afternoon, Jacques Rogge, the president of the International Olympics Committee, which awarded the games to Beijing in 2001, said: “The world has learned about China, and China has learned about the world, and I believe this is something that will have positive effects for the long term.”

They were a triumph of the will for a people and a government determined to show their skill and confidence, as both athletes and organizers, to a world that once treated China as a weak, servile nation.

Olympics closure was so wonderful as it's opening ceremon.The Beijing Olympics came to a dazzling close, ending two weeks of spectacular athletic performances during an Olympic competition that was surprisingly free of protests or the disruptions that some, including Beijing, had anticipated. With Chinese fans chanting “Zhongguo Jiayou!” or “Go China!,” and hundreds of millions of people tuning in everyday by television, some of the biggest audiences in television history, the games served to strengthen pride in the country at a time of rising nationalism.

I think the Beijing Olympic will remembered by people all over the world. It's maybe the nicest menory of someone who won in the Olympic game.It's success will affect the 2012 London Olympic and others from now on.

21 August 2008

Environmentally Friendly Material Used in Olympic Venue

Recently, relevant departments disclosed that the Beijing Olympic Games construction projects used a new type of environmentally friendly wood-plastic materials widely in the news release of the independent innovation in Beijing Olympic venue construction. This material’s ageing resistance close to 100%.

The deputy director of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Committee, Yang Weiguang, said such wood-plastic material is a mixture of wood and plastic products, The wood is used of the wood waste that is energy-saving materials. Concretely, there are two main aspects applications in project.. The first is regarding it as an architectural decoration materials, the second area is using it as a template alternative in the process of casting cement works.

Ding Jianming, who is the Chief Engineer of Beijing 2008 Project Construction Headquarters Office, also said, these wood-plastic materials had the prominent feature of a certain texture of the wood, while not consume wood. With the anti-aging properties of plastic, Then a new combination of products was produced . In the Olympic village, buildings are erected each of the decorative lines, as some of the brown wood lines texture and other decoration aremade from wood-plastic materials. A large number of places used wood-plastic materials are a relatively in the landscape and urban furniture. In the Olympic Center, Forest Park, the Olympic village, some small bridge above the road, including decorative chairs, shaded canopy, flower racks and so on, including even small modeling, sculpture plastic materials are used too. Olympic Park, the important regional able to take advantage of the wood-plastic instead of wood are used, especially in the home landscape of these cities, the outdoor environment. The using of wood-plastic aging resistance, not 100 percent, but almost.

Ding Jianming said that the Olympic project construction decoration materials, extensive use of the compound, it is to achieve a high standard of environmental protection requirements after the composite material, and this is a wide range of composite materials, wood-plastic composite materials is that one of them, has also been a large number of applications.

20 August 2008

The Real Olympic Spirit

The 29th Beijing Olympic Game is going to the end. I was deeply affected by some of matches. I think may be this is because of the real Olympic spirit and it’s charm.

Lang Ping, Nicknamed the “Iron Hammer,” is considered by many to be a national hero in China. She was a member of the Chinese Women's National Team—winners of an Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Summer Olympics, a World Championship crown in 1982 and World Cup titles in 1981 and 1985. In 1995, Ping became the head coach of the Chinese national team and eventually guided the squad to the silver medal at the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2005, she signed on to be the head coach of the USA Women’s National Volleyball Team.

On the last Friday night, the 14,000-seat stadium was full packed. The Chinese team and The USA Team crossed swords in volleyball game. Both of them are excellent. In the end, the Chinese Team lost the match. With deafening cheers of "Go China" reverberating around. Although the Chinese team lost the match eventually, the spectators were calm and showed full understanding of the result.

“I am a little bit disappointed for the loss of the Chinese team, but it's okay, because we also love Lang Ping. She is very professional and her love for volleyball is really impressive. She should be credited with the improvement of the U.S. team," said a spectator in his 30s surnamed Ma, who works for an IT company.

I think everyone is the hero if he try his best. Sports has no national boundaries. Let’s cheer for Lang ping, Cheer for Olympic spirit!

19 August 2008

The individuation of bathroom cabinet

In modern time, people are wild about personality, not only in wearing, but also in home decoration, even the home furniture. Today, I will tell you about some fashion and special bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinet is used to describe any cabinet that is used or that can be used inside a bathroom. In most instances, the term is synonymous with bathroom vanities, which are stylish cabinets that usually measures 32 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. Bathroom cabinets, however, are not limited to bathroom vanities. In fact, bathroom cabinets can be as large as a wall cabinet or a tall storage cabinet. In most luxury bathroom units, the bathroom cabinet can even be as extensive as a system made up of a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop, a medicine cabinet, and various other types of cabinets.

The develop trends of bathroom cabinet

1. The unification of functionality and beautiful appearance
Nowadays, with the improving of life quality, people don’t settle for the machine-made bathroom cabinet, they hope to hold larruping and beautiful bathroom cabinet in their mind's eyes. The photos below are the young’s favorite:

2. Environmental and health
Environmental, green is a fashion of modern life, it is also the sign of advancement of the society. So, when people choose the bathroom cabinet, they take the bathroom cabinet material factor into account firstly.

3. The antique is also a fashion
Today, you may find some antique furniture in hotel, restaurant and other places. Home decoration also can be found.

18 August 2008

A joyful travelling to Yuntai Moutain

Last week, My friends and I went to Yuntai Moutain for travelling.Yuntai Moutain, Which located at the south foot of the Taihang Mountain in Xiuwu County of Jiaozuo, Henan province. It mainly consists of the Yuntai Mountain Natural Scenic Area, Qinglong Mountain resort and other surrounding areas. The park is known for its massive gardening areas, overhanging high cliffs, flying waterfalls, secluded valleys and spring water.

We have gone to four sight of Yuntai Moutain, and spent 2 days to travel it. because it is so huge. There are many buses for visitors to go from one sight to another.

The First Day
The first sight we went to is The Red Stone Canyon. The Red Stone Canyon, which is a rare canyon sight in north China with waterfalls, lakes, pools and gullies, is highly acclaimed by gardening experts as a “natural gallery for mountain and river collections” because of its grand and exclusive landscapes. The most splendid waterfall in the canyon is the Bailong Waterfall, divided into three falls, measuring 30 meters in height. It looks as shiny as a huge silver dragon. A good place for waterfall watching is the Heilong (Black Dragon) Cave, which is as long as 30 meters with absolute darkness inside. Standing in the cave, you can not only see the marvelous falls dashing down into the deep pools but also the perilous high stiffs, narrowly separated from each other by fast-flowing gullies so that the sky is scarcely visible. The spring water flowing down the cliffs splashes into water drops that dazzle in the sunlight like colorful diamonds, looking like a unique picture hanging on the wall.

In the afternoon, we climbed the Zhuyu Mountain. Zhuyu is the main peak of Yuntai Moutain, it is 1,308 meters above the sea level. Mounting by the scaling ladder to the top, you can have a wonderful overview of everything at your feet. Looking north far into the Taihang Mountain, you can see the mountains and hills extending continuously. Looking south to the Huaichuan Plain, you can see the Yellow River winding its way like a belt and extending fields.

The Second Day

We went to the Tanpu Canyon and Quanpu Canyon. The water of Tanpu Canyon looks so clean that it looks just like a piece of pure jade set in the canyon. The Immortal Spring, which flows one meter above the ground from a funnel on the stone steps at the back of the pool, gushes all year round continuously. Another sight in the Tanpu Canyon is The well-known Yuntai Heaven Waterfall, with a falling head of 314 meters lies in the Laotan Valley scenic spot.
Quanpu Canyon is also called The Gurry Channel. There is a saying:"One spring three steps, One waterfall five steps, One pond ten steps".So, you can imagines that how beautiful it is!

The Yuntai mountain like a picture you see in the book, and it is worth traveling to Yuntai Moutain!

13 August 2008

How to care a dog?

Dogs are human’s friends all long, people like feed dogs at home, and some of them are regarded as one of the family. A dog is not a person, it can not speak, and can not care itself, so we have to learn what to give dog for eating, how to help dog bath, how to play with dogs and make them comfortable…

What does a dog like to eat?
May be you would say:"bone". Yes, dogs like eating bone, this is a common sense. We often find a dog eating bone when watching TV or in a book. But beside the bone, dogs need other food to keep the nutrition of their bodies, it is just like human.

Dogs, especially young ones need a diet with high levels of proteins, fatty matters, vitamins and minerals to promote the development of bones and muscles. Dogs are meant to be carnivores and meat loaded with fat and protein is the best food but, you can make them omnivores /vegetarians by giving them a well balanced vegetarian meal complete with needed nutrients. Dry, canned and semi- moist foods are readily available from stores as dog food. Dry food which costs the least comes in chunks or nuggets which can be nibbled and may be served by itself or by moistening or mixing with milk, oil (1tsp corn oil with 1/ pound dry food) or with a whole cooked egg. Dogs need minimum 15% of protein a day and the average recommendation is between 22 and 25% and that of fat between 20 and 50 %.

Home made food must be well balanced. It can be boiled meat with rice, oats etc or a vegetarian option can be lentils cooked with vegetables like spinach or soya bean cooked and mixed with either rice or whole grain pasta. Food must be served warm or at room temperature and not straight out of the fridge. Fresh water for drinking should be made available at all times.

How to save money on dogs' food
The key to saving here is not to go cheap, but going big. Buy quality food, as recommended by your vet, in bulk.
For example, we found that an eight-pound bag of dog food costs about $15, while a 40-pound bag of the same food costs about $50. Buying the bigger bag saves you $25.
The same is true for cat food. The average price for a four-pound bag of food is $12, and for 20-pounds, it's $37. That's a savings of $23 when you buy in bulk.

Dogs like we human, they should have their own “home”. In modern times, Dog having their own houses is a trend. How to build a house for dogs?
There are four steps:
1. Build the base.
2. Build and attach the wall framing.
3. Add the roof frame.
4. Add the walls.

You can also buy it in pet market, there are other things for dogs such as: Dog Bed, Dog Carrier, Dog Kennel etc.

Dress up your dog
Everyone who like dogs may dress up his/her dogs with beautiful dog clothes, Vest, Pajamas etc. Dog clothes is small and nice, dogs wearing clothes will keep them warm and looks beautiful.

Dog Bathing
Bathe them once in two - three weeks or even a month. Use mild soap or shampoo. Stop use if any redness or itching is noticed. Rinse thoroughly after shampooing. When washing your dog, keep the water out of his ears and eyes as much as possible. Use large pieces of cotton to block the ears and don't forget to remove them after bath.

Dog exercise
Exercise is a requirement as important as feeding for dogs. They are inherent energetic and piquant, so, if you leave them in the house all day, they may be sick and not lively, Or become bored and bad tempered. In fact, you only need release them to run and jump, they will keep health and lively.

11 August 2008

Is your garage safe?

With the improving of People’s standard of living, more and more people driving cars instead of walking. Some of them have their own garage, so the garage’s security has become a important matter in our life.

First of all, the garage door is the key of the garage security. The garage door not only need guarding against theft, but also fireproofing. So some garage door is also a fireproof door. Garage doors can be made out of many materials, but steel, wood. and vinyl (polyethylene) are the most popular depending on the geographic area.

An automatic garage door opener is a terrific convenience and gives a certain sense of security as well. But modern technology has turned another convenience into a potential security risk!

When you last pushed the button on your remote control, who would've thought that you made it possible for an intruder to grab your frequency code with a device referred to in the industry as a Code Grabber? This electronic device stores the code and creates a golden opportunity for a thief to enter your home once you've left.

To stop this problem from happening, make sure that you purchase a garage door opener with rolling security codes instead of a fixed code.

Lighting is imperative when it comes to security. Make sure that you purchase a unit with lights. These lights automatically come on when opening or closing the door and create a safe and secure environment when entering your garage at night.

Many overhead door openers in apartment garages have their open delay times set too slow when entering or leaving the building. Make sure that your unit has a protective beam. This beam (when driven or walked through) prevents the door from coming down and crushing objects beneath it. When you are sure that you have this beam on your unit, make sure that the open time is not longer than five seconds. This will prevent the sneak thief from entering your building.

And remember, whenever you leave your home always make sure that your overhead garage door has closed completely, otherwise you might just find a few items missing when you arrive home!

It's always a good idea to check the operation of your garage door and opener as the seasons change. Minor fluctuations in temperature and moister air can cause your garage door or opener to need minor adjustments. The best way to check your door operation is to disengage your garage door from the opener by pulling the emergency release rope (always do this with your garage door in the closed position). Operate the garage door manually; a well-balanced door will operate with 10lbs to 15 lbs of force. If your garage door feels heavier than this we recommend contacting your local garage door opener specialist to adjust the balance weight of your garage doors. Performing this simple procedure can avoid costly repairs to your opener, identify garage door problems and prevent accidents and injury.

10 August 2008

Inauguration Ceremony of Beijing 29th Olympic Games

BEIJING, China, Aug 8, The inauguration ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games kicked off at 8 pm, August 8. I have seen the whole process of the great century ceremony, it was pleasantly surprised to me and everybody. Now, I want to share my taste with everyone here.

The Inaugural Ceremony of the Olympiads will offer a mixture of culture, history, symbols as well as an appeal to friendship and solidarity among the people of the world, as expressed by its slogan: One World, One Dream.

The main theme of inauguration ceremony is “One world, one dream”. This is the slogan of Beijing Olympic, and also the expectation of all Chinese and people all over the world. Like the Beijing Olympic songs: ”You and me”. The lyric of the song is simple, and the rhythm also is simple, but is orphean. The lyric is below:

   You and Me From one world We are family
   Travel dream
   A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing
   Come together
   Put your hand in mine
You and Me From one world We are family

At the beginning of inauguration ceremony, there were 2008 actors arraying in the square. They beat the drums which are the most age-old musical instrument. After the drums performance, China ancient civilization history was reappeared by the actors. Such as The Four Great Inventions ( paper making, typography, compass, powder),The Silk Road, The Chinese opera, Chinese Tea Culture, Four Treasures of the study and so on.

Some original idea is applied in this inauguration ceremony. Like the footprints from the Imperial Palace to the Bird Nest. The 29 footprints symbolize the history of Olympic running from Greece to China. Another idea is “letting the pigeon fly”. It is not the real ”pigeon”, but the hands of all people. They make the pigeon shapes and flying action by hands.

The lighting ceremonial is the most important part in inauguration ceremony. Li Ning, the excellent gymnastics athlete is the lighter of Beijing Olympic. He is suspended in mind air, run around the bird nest, and light the Olympic lighting.

06 August 2008

2008, Welcome Beijing Olympic

It is Augest 7th, 2008 today, Tomorrow is the date of Beijing Olympic’ starting. This is the first time for China, We wait for the time for a hundred years. And now, we are ready for Beijing Olympics, we belive that we can hold a successful Olympic games, Welcome to Beijing, Welcome Beijing Olympic Games!

Beijing Olympics Stadium
Bird’s Nest is the main venue for the 2008 Olympic Games. garnered 52,671 votes out of 72,841 ballots cast in the selection organized by the Beijing News. It looks like a huge brid’ s nest. The Birds Nest Model, adopting new kind of high quality plastic as material, is successfully produced, with its attractive appearance and functional design. Elegant and graceful, the Model features a unique appearance design and novel style; very much alike with the real Beijing 2008 Olympic National Stadium which is nicknamed Birds Nest. In addition, because of its intelligent built-in sensor controlled by sound, it can also bring us the beautiful traditional Chinese music with colorful lights, which makes us feel personally on the scene of the Olympic events.

The National Swimming Center, or "Water Cube," and the leaning towers of China Central Television's headquarters, under construction in Beijing, as well as Financial Street, also ranked high.

Olympic Village
In the Athletes' Village at the Beijing Olympics competitors and some delegation chiefs are doing all they can to make themselves feel at ease as they get ready for the 'greatest show on earth'. Beijing prepare for athlete the comfortable living environment. Every 4 or 5 athletes share a flatlet, which including about 3 rooms, 2 toilets. Everyone has a comfortable bed. Some fashion decoration are seen in the rooms, all of these prepared for guests is to making them feel at home. In the Olympic dinning room, You can eat all what you want to eat, there are all kinds of food supplying, East food, West Food, Mediterranean sea style and so on. If you come to Beijing, you’d better have a try to eat Chinese snack, such as Peking Duck, you will never forget.

Beijing Security
Earlier in June, China launched a week-long series of anti-terrorist drills called “Great Wall 5″, in preparation for the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games. The drills involved emergency responders, "police forces, the People’s Armed Police, the People’s Liberation Army and the health, environmental protection, meteorology and transportation departments.” according to China’s Xinhua News Agency. Just make sure if the guy who wins the long jump isn’t your favourite, it’ll probably be best to give him a big round of applause anyway, you wouldn’t want to be on the end of the flame sprayer.

Travelling in Beijing
This is the first time to come to Beijing for many people, Beijing is the capital of China, It is a modern and old-line city, the center of china economy and polity. If you come to Beijing, you must go to the Great Wall, China has a saying that” Those who don't reach the Great Wall are not true men”,Besides, there are many place good for you to go to in Beijing, Such as the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, Tian'anmen Square an so on..

In a word, Welcome to Beijing, Welcome Beijing Olympics!

05 August 2008

Xi'an Cuisines——My Favority

I was born in Xi'an, and had lived there for 20 years.Now I have lived in Nanjing for nearly 7 years.Xi'an is my hometown, I will never forget the land where I was born. I think everyone may not change his appetite easily, one likes eat what decided by where he was born, so people come from the same place like the same food.And so do I. I like Xi'an food, sush as Rou jia mo,Yang rou pao mo, Liang pi etc.

Xi'an cuisine has a good, hearty style that should never let you leave the table hungry.Some outlander come to Xi'an not only for it's long history and cultural atmosphere, but also it's delicious food. I will give you some tips about xi'an's cuisines.

Food integrant tasted in Xi'an

1.Roujiamo(finely chopped pork stuffed in baked pancake)
It looks like a hamburger, but tast it you will find they are complete different.Roujiamo is made of mincemeat wrapped by griddle steamed bread. Meat used in Roujiamo is a kind of cured meat stewed with assorted sauces in a kettle. This makes the meat soft, eay to chew and taste with a lasting flavor. HIgh culinary skill is required to produce this kind of meat.

2.Yang Rou Pao Mo---Bread and Mutton Soup
Yang Rou Pao Mo is a tasty Xi'an specialty that consists of mutton soup served with wheat flour flat bread. The hard bread is broken up and added to the soup and the mixture is eaten along with pickled garlic cloves.

Liangpi(cold noodles) is a famous summer snack (also sold in winter) in Xi’an.This snack is made from wheat flour (or other starch). It looks translucent and tastes cold, and known for its white color, thin shape, smooth surface, pliable texture, tender and savory taste. It is eaten along with garlic, ginger, pepper, sauce, vinegar, bean sprouts, capsicum flour, salt, sliced cucumber, caraway, chicken essence, sesame oil etc. Male is not so interested in this delicious snack, but female is crazy about it, especially the nice girls and the elder women who have past their prime.

These are the delegate of xi'an snacks.Besides, there are many delicious snack, such as Qishan Noodles, Chopped Buckwheat Noodles, Hulutou, Frying Persimmon Paste , Kettle oil tea, Honey Jelly Cake and so on. Most of them are made of wheat powder.

Where do you go to taste these snack?
If you are travelling in Xi'an, and want to eat the authentic Xi'an sancks, you have to go to the Muslim street, which including all snacks of XI'an. It is said that the street of xi'an sanck.

Chinese Tea Culture in My Eyes

I am a traditional Chinese, So I like Chinese culture all the while. Chinese tea culture is one of them.Today, I will tell you something about chinese tea culture.To be honest, Chinese tea culture is a wide field and has very rich content. It not only has the embodiment of spiritual civilization, but also the extension of ideological form. I just give you a simple introduction.

The Chinese have a saying:"'Firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea", They are the most important things in everyone's life. If you notice that, you will find the tea is the seventh necessities to begin a day, Yes, we still can see the importance of tea in daily life.

Cassification by processing:
Chinese tea may be classified into five categories according to the different methods by which it is processed.

1.White Tea 10% to 20% fermentation process, whitish coloured tea leaves but the tea is light yellow in colour when brewed. Examples: White Peony, Shou Mee.

2.Green Tea No fermentation has taken place, the ferment and enzymes remaining in the tea after wilting are destroyed by high temperature steaming before curing process, and the leaves remain olive green. Examples: Long Jin, Chu Cha.

3. Black tea, known as "red tea" (hong cha) in China, is the category which is fermented before baking; it is a later variety developed on the basis of the green tea. The best brands of black tea are Qihong of Anhui , Dianhong of Yunnan, Suhong of Jiangsu, Chuanhong of Sichuan and Huhong of Hunan.

4.Wulong tea: This represents a variety half way between the green and the black teas, being made after partial fermentation. It is a specialty from the provinces on China's southeast coast: Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan.

5.Scented tea: This kind of tea is made by mixing fragrant flowers in the tea leaves in the course of processing. The flowers commonly used for this purpose are jasmine and magnolia among others. Jasmine tea is a well-known favourite with the northerners of China and with a growing number of foreigners.

Tea drinking customs:

There are several special circumstances in which tea is prepared and consumed.
1.a sign of respect: generally, we always show our respect and fealty to the older by offering a cup of tea.
2.to apologize: if Someone make a mistake, he want to show his regret and ask for other's understanding, he may give that people a cup of tea.
3.To express thanks .
4.To pass on the tradition
and so on.

Tea drinking and Tea Tasting:
Chinese tea culture not only expressing on drinking, but also in tasting.Tea drinking is for refreshment and tonic effect. but Tea tasting is a higher level drinking. it is not for satisfy one's thirst, but a enjoying course.Tea tasting has cultural meaning. Tea and tea wares should match surrounding elements such as breeze, bright moon, pines, bamboo, plums and snow. All these show the ultimate goal of Chinese culture: the harmonious unity of human beings with nature.

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