28 August 2008

Influence Brought by Beijing Olympics to China

The Beijing 29th Olympic Game has been closed for about a week, but I think we Chinese will not forget the wonderful Olympic Game, it was great and successful, the most important thing is Beijing Olympic Game will bring huge and far-reaching impact to Beijing and China.

China has developed these years, but foreigners may not noticed. The changes in Beijing over the past seven years are so fast that if one revisits Beijing after a short while, many appearances from impressions not long ago would have undergone changes due to new constructions and renovations. There are so many new and old landmark buildings that one just loves both the new and old.

Constructions like Bird's Nest, Water Cube, Olympic Park, and the new CCTV building have combined Chinese and western methods. They employed western mechanics and aesthetics, and then fused with spirits and notions of special Chinese flavor. In this way they have created landmarks of greatness and beauty, enticing admiration and praises of those who see it.

To change some traditional habits, Beijing residents study how to be hygiene, ride buses and subways, dine and drink, talk, and other civilized behaviors; in order to be able to communicate with westerners, they study English and western etiquettes etc. These matters seem to be trivial and ordinary, but for Beijing residents, they are actually not simple. This is something that people who have never experienced the process of giving up old habits would not realize.

China has never been touted as a holiday sweet spot, but as the Olympiads and spectators visit, they may find that China is the perfect place for a vacation. The Chinese tourism industry will likely do very well for the few quarters following the Olympic games. If you were to make any play on the Olympic games, the tourism industry is the perfect place to start.

We look forward to this Olympics, just as its slogan "One World, One Dream" would have people looking forward to. This extraordinary meaningful goal will leave peace and security of all humankind a historical testimony and common ideal. It is the glory of China, but more, it is the expectation of the world.

Chinese were respected for Beijing Olympic’s success, we are confident and capable.