10 August 2008

Inauguration Ceremony of Beijing 29th Olympic Games

BEIJING, China, Aug 8, The inauguration ceremony of the 29th Olympic Games kicked off at 8 pm, August 8. I have seen the whole process of the great century ceremony, it was pleasantly surprised to me and everybody. Now, I want to share my taste with everyone here.

The Inaugural Ceremony of the Olympiads will offer a mixture of culture, history, symbols as well as an appeal to friendship and solidarity among the people of the world, as expressed by its slogan: One World, One Dream.

The main theme of inauguration ceremony is “One world, one dream”. This is the slogan of Beijing Olympic, and also the expectation of all Chinese and people all over the world. Like the Beijing Olympic songs: ”You and me”. The lyric of the song is simple, and the rhythm also is simple, but is orphean. The lyric is below:

   You and Me From one world We are family
   Travel dream
   A thousand miles Meeting in Beijing
   Come together
   Put your hand in mine
You and Me From one world We are family

At the beginning of inauguration ceremony, there were 2008 actors arraying in the square. They beat the drums which are the most age-old musical instrument. After the drums performance, China ancient civilization history was reappeared by the actors. Such as The Four Great Inventions ( paper making, typography, compass, powder),The Silk Road, The Chinese opera, Chinese Tea Culture, Four Treasures of the study and so on.

Some original idea is applied in this inauguration ceremony. Like the footprints from the Imperial Palace to the Bird Nest. The 29 footprints symbolize the history of Olympic running from Greece to China. Another idea is “letting the pigeon fly”. It is not the real ”pigeon”, but the hands of all people. They make the pigeon shapes and flying action by hands.

The lighting ceremonial is the most important part in inauguration ceremony. Li Ning, the excellent gymnastics athlete is the lighter of Beijing Olympic. He is suspended in mind air, run around the bird nest, and light the Olympic lighting.