22 December 2008

Home Theater Design

When I go off work and go home, the first thing I do is sitting down on the sofa and turning on TV in the living room. So the background wall of tv is important for a house. Some like hanging tv on the wall, while others like put TV on the TV cabinet.No matter how you put your TV, the adornments should cohere with the basic design.

Home Theater Inspiration is a new collection of inspirational pictures for those who want a home thearer in their home. Either way, the home theater is becoming increasingly popular. Equipped with the latest digital video and surround-sound audio technology, home theaters can transport you to another world without your ever having to leave the house. So this is the first set of home theater inpiration pictures.

18 December 2008

Paint Your Home

Color like a out wear of a house,a bright color let you feel young and dynamic, while a dark color make you calm and reasoned. People who paint their house according to their age, disposition,favor and so on.Here are some tips for home color decoration:

1.Chosen paint colors may look different in different lights, at daytime and at night. So, you may want to access the look of the room in different lights and according to the function of the room.

2.Colors can look darker or lighter over a large area depending on the colors of the surroundings and lighting in the room, so keep that in mind while choosing the right tint or shade of the color.

3.Dark and warm shades make rooms look smaller such as red, orange, yellow and even dark shades of navy blue while light and cool colors make the room look larger and more spacious such as light shades of blue, green and even violet. Best colors for small rooms are white and light and pale neutral colors.

4.For an open, spacious and airy look in a room with chair rails, paint the portion below the chair rail in a dark shade and the wall above it in a light shade.

Generally, ceilings are painted in pure white, off white and tinted white colors to make them appear high and make the room look open but if ceilings are high enough, one can use medium to dark colors to make the room look cozier as they tend to make the ceiling advance to the eyes of the viewer.

5.Since colors affect the mood, choose relaxing muted colors for bedrooms and stimulating colors for kitchen and dining room.

6.Taking furniture, window treatments and accessories of the room into consideration, determine the color scheme of the room.

7.Flooring color:From a sales perspective, neutral coloring flooring can add value to your home and make it seem more homely to prospective buyers. It is important also to consider the style: does the wood-grain finish correspond with other design features, or should you go for a fully colored laminate flooring?

Neutral colors (such as white, taupe and beige) give you a beautiful canvas to work upon when it comes to home décor. Limited use of colors and patterns help you to create a sophisticated environment along with interesting focal points in rooms, garden and living area. Natural fibers are available in these colors too and have quite different textures for experimenting. The variety of texture in neutral natural colors infuses peace and calm in the home environment.

16 December 2008

Shower Enclosure, A Elegant and Useful Bathroom Accessories

When you design or renovate your bathroom you will want to add both saleability and desirability to your home while creating your own personalised bathroom retreat.

Shower Enclosures are the perfect embellishment for any bathroom. Shower Enclosures, not only make look bathrooms elegant, they are also one of the most useful accessories in a modern bathroom. Buying a shower enclosure is however, a tedious job particularly, if you are not sure what to look out for. It is something, which you would go for a replacement, perhaps in a decade. So, first make your choice on the quality of the glass, colour, texture, clarity and of course, your preferred Brand.

Modern bathrooms boast of bathroom shower stalls made up of durable material instead of or in addition to a bathtub. The materials range from tempered glass to acrylic fiberglass. Standard bathroom shower stalls are usually 3' x 3' but can be customized according to your bathroom size and choice and can even accommodate a sit down bench in the shower stall. Glass block or bathroom shower stall made from molded or etched glass is one of the bathroom renovation options that are easy to install and give an instant facelift to your regular bathroom.

A solid shower door or bathroom shower curtains in bold colors and patterns can add a personal touch to your bath space. For smaller bathrooms, choose a clear glass shower door or a shower curtain that can be pulled back, when shower is not in use and add space to the bath. Classic or custom shower curtain rods look elite. While folding doors look elegant but may take too much space in a small bathroom. In ancient Greece, there were pull cord showers with only cold water supply. In 80s, new technology saw an upsurge in the bathroom remodeling industry and the shower and bath sales saw a sharp rise.

The leading edge designs with walk-in showers rapidly replacing the typical bathroom showers make bathroom accessories easy to match with their polished chrome frame.Walk-In Showers are typically cumbersome free-standing units which come supplied with a specially designed shower tray which features a drying area and large shower section. While these Walk-In Showers might have an open access they certainly are minimal or chic.That is where Wet Room Walk In Shower Screens come into play. The latest Walk In shower trend, these contemporary and minimal shower screens are becoming more and more popular, especially in small bathrooms where space is a premium.

14 December 2008

Choosing Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom is a private space for host relaxation and rest, the flooring is the important factor for the bedroom.The most important consideration while making the choice of the right type of flooring is the look and comfort. Here, it becomes of prime importance to ensure that the kind of flooring you are planning to go in for is not just attractive, but useful also. Just going by the look won't suffice your purpose. So, it is vital to apply your analytical skills and judge as to which option is the best for your bedroom.

If you do not have much time to take care of your floors, then go in for such floorings that don't require much of maintenance and are durable. It is always a good practice to do your part of homework about the flooring type you are planning to shop for. Your budget is also to be considered, because that will act as a major deciding factor. If your bedroom experiences high trafficking, then it is preferable to go in for laminate flooring.

My personal favourite for a bedroom (any room in fact) is laminate flooring. It is practical, clean, isn't too hard to lay, lasts for years and isn't that expensive. With laminate flooring you can change the colour of your walls as many times as you like without having to buy a new carpet to match. All good DIY stores sell laminate flooring. Checkout Home Base they have a wide range to choose from

Bedroom floors can also be carpeted. Carpeting is available in many different colors, patterns and different length loops or pile. You can find the carpet that feels the best under your feet and appeals to your senses most. Whether you choose a throw rug or wall-to-wall carpeting, take your shoes off and see what it feels like on your bare feet. Your feet will be feeling this carpeting on those cold mornings when you roll out of your nice warm bed.

Whichever bedroom flooring you choose, make sure that it makes you feel good. Don't choose flooring based on what others are doing, but choose the flooring for your bedroom based on what makes you feel warm and secure. Wood flooring, natural stone tile flooring, and carpeting are all great choices for any room, but research all of your options to see which one is best for your bedroom. Then you will have made a choice that will make your bedroom into the sanctuary that it should be!

10 December 2008

Home Decoration Trends

Comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly are the trends of home decoration.More than ever, interior decorating and design ideas offer boundless choices and endless possibilities. In fact, styles have never been so varied and exciting – so much so that expressing your personality and tastes through interior decorating is limited only by your imagination. These days, nearly everything goes! You can mix styles, colours, decor periods and inspirations, or blend the affordable with the luxurious, contemporary with antique, and classical with new.

Admittedly, while the newest styles are all about variety and eclecticism, certain strong trends prevail that will guide our decorating choices this year.

The latest trends also influence the colour palettes that will dominate interior spaces this year. Romanticism is back with soft, refined and ash-toned colours, like old rose and lavender. On the neutral side, greys are definitely popular, while beiges, browns and tans draw their inspiration primarily from nature, taking on accents of earth, minerals and stone. The black and white combo has made a strong comeback, playing up the romanticism card, but with a clearly more contemporary look.

The colour of the year? Avocado green, brilliantly paired with red, coral or a very dark brown. Darker tones like blue-black, violet and saturated greys give our interiors that glamorous look. You’ve picked out your colours? Remember to get all the right tools and prepare your walls carefully before painting. You’ll be sure to get a fabulous finish that’ll be worth all the effort you invested!

On the decorating side, nothing is left to chance. With 9’ ceilings as the new standard, the options are never-ending. It’s all about relief; the added height is perfect for incorporating eye-catching designs using mouldings, coves, coffers and textured tiles. As for curtains, they’re installed higher up, near the ceiling, giving windows an imposing look.

Mirrors, frames, vases: nothing beats the use of accessories when it comes to updating our decor. They bring that personal touch that makes all the difference and can also create a new look in no time. And to shine the spotlight on all the winning elements of our new decor and create a special ambience, a well-thought-out lighting system is second

A growing concern for the environmental means we’re looking for more energy-efficient building materials.Insulating panels are becoming the norm in home construction, in outer walls as well as in ceilings and under floors. These floors such as laminate flooring, panels which made of polystyrene foam sandwiched between wood boards, are easy to assemble and offer excellent energy efficiency.

Wallpaper makes a comeback
Wallpaper is not in the least outdated—in fact, it’s making a fashionable comeback. More than ever before, wallpaper allows us to express our own personal style, decorating walls to create effects that paint just cannot match.

Until recently, wallpaper’s main purpose has been to make a room look more attractive, but today, no doubt due to its versatility, it’s fast becoming a key element in interior decorating. Today’s wallpapers come in an infinite range of colours, prints and textures, offering endless decorating possibilities.

09 December 2008

The Style of Home Decoration

The themem of home decor keep changing with times, as do the facilities and appliances used in the home. It plays quiet an important role in almost all of the decorating decisions.

The decoration style preferred by a person usually depends on individual taste, age and color combinations. While most prefer to decorate their homes in contemporary style, traditional styles bring back nostalgic memories to many. There are some others who feel that country and rustic style home put us closer to nature.

The country style of home decorating remains popular because the suggestion of rural life can seem to offer simplicity and a refuge from urban pressures. Country-style decorating can draw its inspiration from French, English, Swedish, American, and other cultural influences. However, pieces from different periods and traditions can be blended in one home as long as comfort is the principle ingredient. No country-style room should be too studied, for it is meant to be lived in. The beauty of country-style decorating is that you may have inherited some great heirlooms that can give you the impetus to start a collection of appropriate pieces. You may have a flair for picking up great flea-market bargains or for crafting quality items that can be incorporated into your scheme.

Traditional style interiors are comforting and classic. There is nothing wild or chaotic in a traditional room. It is calm, orderly, and can be somewhat predictable.Furnishings might look a bit outdated to some, while others will enjoy an interior that embraces the benefits of classic styling.

Contemporary style:simple and sleek with an emphasis on artistic and architectural details in its home décor, Contemporary style has become more comfortable and attainable in recent years. Once considered stark and cold, modern home décor has evolved into a more desirable balance of clean lines, warm tones and bold accents—creating a look that is fresh, functional and in-tune with today's lifestyle. And with more designers and stores featuring Contemporary fabric patterns, furniture, and accents, it's easier than ever to bring this style to your home décor. These quick and easy tips should help you get started:

• Accent-uate: Choose a bold color, like fuchsia or teal, and use it subtly throughout a room. Purchase a few select accessories--such as canvas pillows, cotton lampshades or organdy placemats--in that color, or consider painting one "accent wall."

• Less is more: An appreciation of clean lines is central to Contemporary sensibility. Eliminate any excess in your home décor, whether it's the dust ruffle from your bed, an overabundance of pillows on the couch, or elaborate valances and swags from the windows, try translucent organdy or flax cotton panels that emphasize the window's form rather than mask it.

• Double duty: Everyone's multitasking these days, and furniture is no exception. Maintain that uncluttered, modern feel with fewer pieces that work for multiple purposes. A large twill ottoman placed in the center of the room can work as a footrest, seating, or a coffee table. Move a bookcase or sofa away from the wall to act as a room divider. Look at the pieces you have and get creative!

• Picture this: Modern home decor favors artwork that is larger in scale. Frame an oversized movie poster (vintage classic or older movies work best), or hang a grouping of black and white photographs or striking fabrics close together to create one large, eye-catching composition.

No matter what, design your home follow your own mind. The style you like is the best!

08 December 2008

Design Your Home by Yourself

Design your home by yourself! Is it difficult or incredible?I will show some tips, maybe it is useful for you. It is you who add the character the personality to your home that serves as an extension of your own self, your family and your culture. It is you who add that personal touch that makes the house your own home, which puts you at ease in an instant and has an intimacy that makes you feel completely relaxed.

Bathroom Design
Bathrooms don't have to be cold and sterile and function driven. They can be extensions of your bedroom or other rooms in your home. Make your bathroom comfortable and cozy and treat it like you would any other room. Decorate the walls with mosaic tile and accessories. Use lush towels and linens to create a sense of luxury. Turn your bathroom into a special retreat where you can soak in your tub, read and forget about the stresses of your day.

Bedroom Design
The bedroom is not just a place for sleeping any longer, it's a place to unwind, relax and just getaway. Whether you're bedroom is large or small, make it your space. Personalize your bedroom with your favorite colors, textures and accessories. It doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive to be beautiful and relaxing space.

In this section, we have tried to put together various bedroom ideas as suggestions for style, color, textures and accessories. Choose a suitable floor is imprtant for bedroom. Remember, these are only ideas to get your juices flowing. We hope you enjoy.

Children's Room
Whimsy and creativity are always important when it comes to decorating a nursery or child's room. A baby's room no longer has to be pink or blue with balloons and clowns. Nursery's can be decorated in themes, like Classic Pooh, or coordinating fabrics like toiles and ginghams.

In a nursery, storage and function are important, but that doesn't mean style has to be sacrificed. In a child's room, it's important to remember the child. Find out what your child loves and cherishes. Space is always important for playtime and afterwards, storage is a must.

After searching the net, we've tried to put together a gallery of ideas that we hope will help you in your decorating needs.

Kitchen Decorating
The kitchen just might be one of the most important rooms in your house. It's where family and friends gather for good food and good times. Secrets are shared and laughter is heard.

Whether you love to cook or not, your kitchen should be about entertaining and enjoyment. Once you find your decorating style, your kitchen will become yours.

More importantly, you don't have to have a lot of money to make your kitchen spectacular. Creativity and paint can go a long way and we hope our articles and ideas will help you create the kitchen of your dreams.

Garden and Patio Decorating
Do you look at your yard and wish it were something more than an empty space? Why not create an outdoor living space where you can step out to relax or entertain friends?

You don't have to be an expert gardener or landscape designer. Take a look at some of our garden/patio designs for simple ideas to create a fabulous outdoor living space.

Living Room
This section is dedicated to any space you consider your living space, whether it be your living room, den or even kitchen.

Your living space should not only reflect your personal style, but be comfortable and inviting as well.

You don't have to have a large space or lots of money to get the look that you want and having children doesn't mean sacrificing your style. Your living space should be a space that everyone can live in and enjoy.

Colors of walls, fabrics, furniture, linen, pillows, shelves and curtains and type of furniture, beds, sofas and seating arrangements and even accessories, lamps and vases that you use must also confirm with your room or home decor theme.

04 December 2008

Bathroom Tile Design

Today bathrooms are bright and nicely decorated places that reflect the ambience or the mood of the rest of the house. While some people nowadays spend fortune in the construction of their bathroom, you can just opt experimenting with bathroom tiles to get an amazing result.

As far as selecting bathroom shower tile is concerned, there are many different options open to you. For instance, you can select from glazed ceramic tilesmosaic tiles, natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles or terracotta tiles. Make sure that the particular tile you have chosen for your bathroom fits your budget. Second, also do remember to ask the dealer about the maintenance required for the variety. Pick the bathroom shower tile that you think will go with the design scheme you have in mind.

Here are bathroom tile ideas for bathroom floor tile:
1 - If you use solid color ceramic bathroom floor tile in your bathroom, you can add tile borders of a different color to the tile floor, or you can create a border by alternating different colors. This kind of visual treatment can create a more interesting bathroom floor.

2 - When using the same color ceramic tile for the floors and walls, choose a different tile size for the walls or lay the wall tiles diagonally to create a more interesting visual effect.

3 - Another of the bathroom tile ideas is to choose a grout color that contrasts with the ceramic tile color. For example, if you are using white tiles, you could use blue, red or yellow grout for contrast. Be sure and apply sealers to grout lines in areas of heavy wear since sealers will protect and preserve grout colors.

4 - If your favorite color for a bathroom is pink, for example, add a few pink decorative tiles for the walls or use shapes, textures and borders to give it some visual interest. Select some rows of the walls where you can also use some of the pink tiles placed diagonally.

5 - To give your bathroom a contemporary style and look, consider using bright and bold colors with shapes or graphics against plain backgrounds. Contemporary style accessories and fixtures will further provide a modern-looking bathroom.

6 - If you are trying to have a romantic or Victorian look in your bathroom, use floral tiles in soft colors like pink, light green or light blue plus handpainted ceramic sinks and perhaps a wooden floor.

7 - For a Mediterranean bathroom look, mix terra-cotta tiles with Mexican or other hand-painted tiles for the floors. For the countertop perhaps mix the hand-painted tiles with another plain color tile.

You can do the project yourself or you can hire a professional. Keep in mind, though, that bathroom tiling requires some expertise. When laying them out, it requires precision and patience. If you have some money left, just leave them to the pros.

Otherwise, a bathroom tile design can bring out the best of your project. There are many ideas that you can glean from the internet. A few clicks and you can get your desired information and additional designs.

02 December 2008

LED Color Changing Faucet

Do you have seen a kind of basin faucet or shower faucet which can change color when flowing. I think it is interesting and attractive to install it in you house.

A number of faucets have been designed to change from blue to red as the temperature of the water increases. They simply use some sort of temperature sensor and a LED light, but can be very helpful in warning of a potential burn situation.

This is the coolest and most modern water faucet I have ever seen. Not only does this faucet have a very sleek design, the color of the water changes as the temperature of the water changes to warn you of very hot or very cold water. This is the World’s First Color Changing LED faucet, and though it is not in stores yet, this is yet another upgrade to make on my home improvement list. As one may expect, the water is blue when cold and red when hot with various shades of orange, yellow, and light blue in between.

01 December 2008

Is your wash basin distinctive?

Most people go in for personality in modern times.Do you want your wash basin in the bathroom looks like in most families. So, you lost your personality in home decor.People who go to your house have no fresh feeling with your home.

Why not to choose a special wash basin for your house? It is not diffcult for anyone as long as some patience. Today, I will share some beautiful and special wash basin with you, and hope that these style may give you some inspiration.

Gone are the days when sinks were ruled by right angles and flat surfaces. Today it’s a more natural, water-weathered look that designers seek to evoke. The surface of the Kanera E 1 itself looks liquid, a scoop of modern material (ceramic) that holds water just like a seaside rock pool - and thankfully deep enough under the faucet to prevent any tidal surprises.

Where the previous sinks took inspiration from the effect of falling water on stone, the Origin Sink is more interested in the river itself. Lift a stone and the source gushes out and winds its way down to the end of its journey, a plughole capped by another stone. Sidestepping queries about just how snug-fitting those stones will have to be, it’s a relaxing change from the roaring torrent of most sink designs.

It’s a magic trick within a sink. Where does the water go? Wave your hand underneath to demonstrate the lack of plughole - but don’t let baffled onlookers too close, or they might see the water draining away horizontally into the wall. The “Horizontal Integrated Siphon” system is a neat and stylish way to hide the plumbing and put a sink into the narrowest of spaces. (And it’s a great party trick).