01 December 2008

Is your wash basin distinctive?

Most people go in for personality in modern times.Do you want your wash basin in the bathroom looks like in most families. So, you lost your personality in home decor.People who go to your house have no fresh feeling with your home.

Why not to choose a special wash basin for your house? It is not diffcult for anyone as long as some patience. Today, I will share some beautiful and special wash basin with you, and hope that these style may give you some inspiration.

Gone are the days when sinks were ruled by right angles and flat surfaces. Today it’s a more natural, water-weathered look that designers seek to evoke. The surface of the Kanera E 1 itself looks liquid, a scoop of modern material (ceramic) that holds water just like a seaside rock pool - and thankfully deep enough under the faucet to prevent any tidal surprises.

Where the previous sinks took inspiration from the effect of falling water on stone, the Origin Sink is more interested in the river itself. Lift a stone and the source gushes out and winds its way down to the end of its journey, a plughole capped by another stone. Sidestepping queries about just how snug-fitting those stones will have to be, it’s a relaxing change from the roaring torrent of most sink designs.

It’s a magic trick within a sink. Where does the water go? Wave your hand underneath to demonstrate the lack of plughole - but don’t let baffled onlookers too close, or they might see the water draining away horizontally into the wall. The “Horizontal Integrated Siphon” system is a neat and stylish way to hide the plumbing and put a sink into the narrowest of spaces. (And it’s a great party trick).