02 December 2008

LED Color Changing Faucet

Do you have seen a kind of basin faucet or shower faucet which can change color when flowing. I think it is interesting and attractive to install it in you house.

A number of faucets have been designed to change from blue to red as the temperature of the water increases. They simply use some sort of temperature sensor and a LED light, but can be very helpful in warning of a potential burn situation.

This is the coolest and most modern water faucet I have ever seen. Not only does this faucet have a very sleek design, the color of the water changes as the temperature of the water changes to warn you of very hot or very cold water. This is the World’s First Color Changing LED faucet, and though it is not in stores yet, this is yet another upgrade to make on my home improvement list. As one may expect, the water is blue when cold and red when hot with various shades of orange, yellow, and light blue in between.