10 December 2008

Home Decoration Trends

Comfortable, energy-saving, environmentally friendly are the trends of home decoration.More than ever, interior decorating and design ideas offer boundless choices and endless possibilities. In fact, styles have never been so varied and exciting – so much so that expressing your personality and tastes through interior decorating is limited only by your imagination. These days, nearly everything goes! You can mix styles, colours, decor periods and inspirations, or blend the affordable with the luxurious, contemporary with antique, and classical with new.

Admittedly, while the newest styles are all about variety and eclecticism, certain strong trends prevail that will guide our decorating choices this year.

The latest trends also influence the colour palettes that will dominate interior spaces this year. Romanticism is back with soft, refined and ash-toned colours, like old rose and lavender. On the neutral side, greys are definitely popular, while beiges, browns and tans draw their inspiration primarily from nature, taking on accents of earth, minerals and stone. The black and white combo has made a strong comeback, playing up the romanticism card, but with a clearly more contemporary look.

The colour of the year? Avocado green, brilliantly paired with red, coral or a very dark brown. Darker tones like blue-black, violet and saturated greys give our interiors that glamorous look. You’ve picked out your colours? Remember to get all the right tools and prepare your walls carefully before painting. You’ll be sure to get a fabulous finish that’ll be worth all the effort you invested!

On the decorating side, nothing is left to chance. With 9’ ceilings as the new standard, the options are never-ending. It’s all about relief; the added height is perfect for incorporating eye-catching designs using mouldings, coves, coffers and textured tiles. As for curtains, they’re installed higher up, near the ceiling, giving windows an imposing look.

Mirrors, frames, vases: nothing beats the use of accessories when it comes to updating our decor. They bring that personal touch that makes all the difference and can also create a new look in no time. And to shine the spotlight on all the winning elements of our new decor and create a special ambience, a well-thought-out lighting system is second

A growing concern for the environmental means we’re looking for more energy-efficient building materials.Insulating panels are becoming the norm in home construction, in outer walls as well as in ceilings and under floors. These floors such as laminate flooring, panels which made of polystyrene foam sandwiched between wood boards, are easy to assemble and offer excellent energy efficiency.

Wallpaper makes a comeback
Wallpaper is not in the least outdated—in fact, it’s making a fashionable comeback. More than ever before, wallpaper allows us to express our own personal style, decorating walls to create effects that paint just cannot match.

Until recently, wallpaper’s main purpose has been to make a room look more attractive, but today, no doubt due to its versatility, it’s fast becoming a key element in interior decorating. Today’s wallpapers come in an infinite range of colours, prints and textures, offering endless decorating possibilities.