16 December 2008

Shower Enclosure, A Elegant and Useful Bathroom Accessories

When you design or renovate your bathroom you will want to add both saleability and desirability to your home while creating your own personalised bathroom retreat.

Shower Enclosures are the perfect embellishment for any bathroom. Shower Enclosures, not only make look bathrooms elegant, they are also one of the most useful accessories in a modern bathroom. Buying a shower enclosure is however, a tedious job particularly, if you are not sure what to look out for. It is something, which you would go for a replacement, perhaps in a decade. So, first make your choice on the quality of the glass, colour, texture, clarity and of course, your preferred Brand.

Modern bathrooms boast of bathroom shower stalls made up of durable material instead of or in addition to a bathtub. The materials range from tempered glass to acrylic fiberglass. Standard bathroom shower stalls are usually 3' x 3' but can be customized according to your bathroom size and choice and can even accommodate a sit down bench in the shower stall. Glass block or bathroom shower stall made from molded or etched glass is one of the bathroom renovation options that are easy to install and give an instant facelift to your regular bathroom.

A solid shower door or bathroom shower curtains in bold colors and patterns can add a personal touch to your bath space. For smaller bathrooms, choose a clear glass shower door or a shower curtain that can be pulled back, when shower is not in use and add space to the bath. Classic or custom shower curtain rods look elite. While folding doors look elegant but may take too much space in a small bathroom. In ancient Greece, there were pull cord showers with only cold water supply. In 80s, new technology saw an upsurge in the bathroom remodeling industry and the shower and bath sales saw a sharp rise.

The leading edge designs with walk-in showers rapidly replacing the typical bathroom showers make bathroom accessories easy to match with their polished chrome frame.Walk-In Showers are typically cumbersome free-standing units which come supplied with a specially designed shower tray which features a drying area and large shower section. While these Walk-In Showers might have an open access they certainly are minimal or chic.That is where Wet Room Walk In Shower Screens come into play. The latest Walk In shower trend, these contemporary and minimal shower screens are becoming more and more popular, especially in small bathrooms where space is a premium.