21 October 2008

SPA, A Fashion Relaxing Mode

Nowdays, the pressure of work make people tired both body and spirit. So, the modes of relaxing are welcomed by people such as Yoga, Spa etc.

Spas are carefully designed to provide you with the perfect hot water experience. Enjoy precious time with family and friends. Spend an intimate evening with someone close to you. Relieve aches and pains. Take pleasure in quiet solitude to rejuvenate your spirit. Or do all of the above as the mood strikes you. Soaking in hot water while enjoying the soothing hydro massaging jet action of a Clearwater Spa may mean different things to different people, but one thing will always remain the same: your Clearwater Spa will give you the best hot water experiences you will ever have.Now spas are available to the common man and they can get a spa installed outdoors. Outdoor spas are placed outside the house, either in the garden or in the courtyard. Fitness areas that consist of pools also can install these spa tubs adjacent to them. This can help people to experience the unique experience of spas right at their doorstep.

Feet First
Let your feet do the resting. A foot reflexology massage targets pressure points on the feet to relieve tension from head to toe.

Saving Face
You only have one face, so treat it beautifully. Aviva offer facials designed specifically for ladies and men.There is a wide range of facial treatments to choose, from the basic to the exquisite. Let our spa consultant recommends the right program for you, regardless of your sex, age or skin condition.

Skin Deep
Ensure deep skin cleansing with treatments like the MarineWeed Scrubs and MudWraps which involve skin brushing, gentle exfoliation, relaxing scalp massage and an application of warm algae, rich in minerals and enzymes. Helps reduce water retention, boost metabolism and eliminate toxins.

Body Bliss
Heighten bodily sensory responses with special oil treatments. Aviva offers the Botanis and Aromis Body Massage with specially blended essential and herbal oils, applied in a full-body aromatherapy massage.

Taking The Waters
Experience a hydrotherapy treatment in a tub and you will feel invigorated all over. For the first-timer, 15 minutes is all you need as the treatment really gets your blood circulation going. You can choose a Detoxifying with Mineral Salts, Energising Yang with Ginseng or Refreshing with Green Tea. This "taking the waters" spa ritual dated back to the Romans and has been updated since.

Flying High
Don’t let long-haul flights bring you down. Counter jet-lag quickly and effectively with our JetLag Reliever. This treatment promotes speedy recovery after air travel and includes a SkinRefresh Spa Facial and an invigorating Aromis Head & Shoulder Massage. We are just a few minutes away from Changi Airport by taxi.