14 October 2008

Have A BBQ

It is not too hot or too cold in Autumn, so, it is time to go out for a trip or have a picnic. Having a BBQ is a good idea at this season.Invite your friends, dirive your beloved car, take the delicious food with you, enjoy the sun of Autumn... Is it so comfortable and agreeable? don't hesitate, now, make a decision.

Prepare for BBQ
Before having your BBQ, you must buy the material of BBQ.

I suppose the obligatory foods would be sausages and burgers (try making your own with a twist!). You can have any type of chicken - maybe wings in a sticky marinade or some marinaded chicken breasts.

A lot of people love a steak cooked on the barbecue as well.
Seafood is also really nice. You can wrap some salmon fillets and cook them over the coals. Its really delicious.

If you are looking for vegetarian options (which you should cook first) then try some vegetable kebabs and vegetarian sausages. The fish will also probably go down a treat.

Set a table with some mixed salads, cous cous, dressings, bread rolls, sauces and a dew deserts. They'll love it!

BBQ tool
Any guy with serious grilling skills knows that the best BBQ depends on having the proper BBQ tools and equipment. Unfortunately, many backyard cookout chefs step up to the flames armed with little more than a fork and a spatula. Where's the fun in that?

One of the great benefits of owning a grill—gas or charcoal—is that it provides the perfect excuse to buy some really cool tools.

1. Fork
You gotta love the name of this cleverly designed barbecue fork that looks like a weapon from Braveheart. It has two long, stout tines—as any respectable BBQ fork should have—and a 13-in.-long hardwood handle. However, what makes this fork nasty (in a good way) is that protruding from each side of the main tines are two sharpened spikes designed for flipping over slabs of meat with just a twist of the wrist. This fork just might be the perfect gift for the carnivore in your life.

2. Dual Grill/Griddle Pan
This versatile grill-top accessory takes the frustration out of cooking small and delicate foods, such as vegetables, seafood and fruit, that have a tendency to fall through cooking grates. It's also useful for searing all cuts of meat. The split-personality pan has a solid, ridged griddle on one side (for steaks, chicken and fish) and a perforated grill (for shellfish and vegetables) on the other. It measures 12 by 16 in., and is finished with nonstick porcelain enamel for easy cleaning.

3.Deluxe Interchangeable Branding Set
Unlike any meat-branding BBQ tools I've ever seen, this kit comes with two branding irons and an entire alphabet of capital letters—plus an ampersand symbol—so you can personalize grilled meats for your guests. Simply clamp up to three letters into the branding iron, then set it over the grill. Once it's hot, press the iron against the cooked meat to brand it.

Besides those above, there are other tools you should prepare such as Barbecue Mitt.