08 October 2008

Floor Mat Make Our Life Comfortable

When you enter into a home, you may find most of family put a floor mat on the entrance of the door. This is because the floor door can make the floor clean and beautiful.It gives your floor protection from dust and rust. These mats are used for various purposes. Some use it to give the room a unique look. So it acts as ornamental while some others use it for protection against dust. Mostly people use it for protection. The covers also give protection from slippery things like water, grease, oil, etc. So it diminishes the risk factor of having an accident in home or office.

Floor mats are made of various materials like coconut fiber, jute, reed and sisal. Some times some other synthetic materials are used to reduce the cost of the Floor mats. The quality of the mat varies from material to material which it quite normal. The one main disadvantage of the floor mate gets discolored very quickly when exposed for long in the sunlight. A special floor mat that make from river rocks is great for when your feet want the great outdoors while the rest of you wants air conditioning. This floor mat won’t set you back in terms of money, and it looks pretty nice when all is said and done. Go ahead, you know you want to line the bottom of your shower with river rocks.

Most floors are simply too hard for safe and effective exercising. Any exercise trainer will tell you that before beginning a workout, it is essential that you stretch. Stretching loosens your muscles and joints so that they are ready to absorb the impact and movement of a workout. Having an exercise floor mat allows you to expand your stretch routine.

A floor mat will also enhance your ab workout. Sit-ups and crunches can wreak havoc on your back. The foam inside of a mat has enough "give" to let your back move freely without resistance.

And, of course, a floor mat is absolutely necessary for yoga and pilates. Many yoga and pilates positions necessitate the use of the floor, and without a good mat, you will miss out on many benefits and even run the risk of doing damage to your back and muscles.