24 January 2011

Maximizing Your Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are recent phenomenon and are intended for singles, professionals and students who cannot afford expensive big apartments. Since the room is small, space is the biggest problem. Studio apartments are meant for giving comfort to the inhabitants. Those who want to have some style added to the room can change the layout of the room by arranging the furniture in different ways.

What makes studio apartments differ from other living arrangements? The basic feature is a big room only. It has no separate kitchen, bedroom or a living room. It is hence not possible to set a single room with furniture usually used at a typical home.

The studio apartments hence have special design furniture needs. Some characters are they must be light weight, consume less space, be easily moved and maintained and be multipurpose. Where there are so many specifications, isn't it hard to find a suitable furniture for the studio apartment.

First therefore one has to plan about the non existing walls in the room and act accordingly. Design in your mind how many rooms/sections you want to make in the room or how many rooms can be possibly is made. It is important to handle them the best you can so you make the living area the best you can.

The sections which are kitchen dinning, living and bedrooms when are decided about, means you have done half of your task. Judge the total area of each section in the room and then start looking for suitable furniture.

To design the kitchen, keep in mind that it's better to make the corner a kitchen and use a simple cooking table. You need some space on the top or the table for work. Cabinets are not very appropriate to be used so better buy shelves or cupboards. Keep the crockery and appliances minimum possible.

Since you don't have lots of space, a sofa-cum-bed at the living area will be perfect. A folding table can also be used there. This table can serve many purposes. If there are boxes you have, they can work as tables.

Cover the box with a table cover and it will not even sense if you have used a box instead of a table. The bed room must be separated with the help of separator or curtains. Floating beds save you space and so does ceiling beds. Get one of your choices.