18 November 2009

Choose the right window blind for your bathroom

When you consider the window treatment for a bathroom, it is important to consider privacy, ease of operation, and appropriate style.There are many options to choose from for bathroom windows, including curtains, roller shades, and blinds.

Privacy is one of the most important things to think about when choosing bathroom window treatments. If your bathroom window faces a street or neighbor, consider an opaque window treatment that will block people from seeing inside the bathroom. Mini blinds close tightly for optimum privacy. If you choose mini blinds, it is best to select a vinyl mini blind instead of aluminum, since vinyl is more resistant to moisture and humidity.

Bathroom window treatments need to provide easy access to the windows for cleaning and ventilation. Blinds and shutters are easy to operate and their slats can be positioned in varying ways for different levels of light control and privacy.

Fabrics which have been untreated by some type of sealant will quickly present you with the problems that any fabric does when it is constantly wet and re-wet, without a real chance to dry each day.

It’s probably smart to avoid vertical blinds in that when a fan takes them, or they are moved by any type of activity your privacy is still somewhat compromised by the opening of gaps in the vertical blinds.

Great improvements have been made in the workability of plastic and polyurethane, and although it is in some cases mocked as being an inexpensive way to go, it is also a practical way to go.

Roll up blinds of vinyl are also a fantastic way to go because they stay out of the way, are colored to match your décor and are easy to wipe clean given that there are no individual slats to be cleared up when the dust settles, as it invariably will.

10 November 2009

Amazing Kitchen Towels

They seem mundane, but there's no reason for them to be the dullest things you own. seriously.

This set is a pair of my original diagrams - one of a kitchen aid mixer, the other of a set of awesome utensils and knives. they will make your kitchen the best thing ever, just in time to brighten up your dinner party table.

Just the facts:
material: undyed cotton.
size: set of two, each 20" x 28"
notes: durable and awesome. you can use this set daily.
care: machine wash, tumble or air dry, iron as needed. slight fading may occur - to minimalize fading, apply a warm iron to the print before washing.
color options: please include your preference in the note to seller: red, blue, light blue (shown), black (shown), green, blue. if you don't state your color choice when ordering, you'll get a lovely set in the color of my choice.

09 November 2009

Special Wall Art

If you want to transform your walls, the following wall decoration will give you a big surprise.Seriously, got bored of painting walls,using stencils, applying borders, and putting up wallpapers?? Using the super convenient simply gorgeous wall art decals is a very cool and a great way to make a room shine (or to change a room) w/out damaging your walls or the bank! great alternative to wall paper or a head board, and without any of the mess and hassle involved with painting.

The art decals are hand made, they are easy and fun to install.These wall stickers affix on most smooth surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residues.

This giant 7.5 ft tall tree will surely be a total re-wallution for your space!Exclusive design only from OrqueShaw's walldecors! you won't find this anywhere else on etsy!Size: 7.5ftX6.6ftThis tree comes in 3 parts for easy installation, it will appear virtually seamless after apply on the wall.Available colors: black and white.The birds are included!All of our decals are computer die-cut, there are no "edges" nor "backgrounds", all you will get is the lovely image! and after applying they will look like they are stenciled on with paint!Suggested install areas: Walls, Mirrors, Metals, Woods, Plastic...Lightly textured surfaces would be just fine!

02 November 2009

Beautiful Fireplace For Your Home


Fireplace is a classic decoration element in Europe. But now, fireplace has become a popular decor for Asians.When a person enters a room with a fireplace, the person's eyes are almost always naturally drawn to the fireplace.

When it come to fireplace, the style of fireplace is paid more attention.Fireplaces come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some have large openings, others are designed to fit in a small area. The fireplace opening and choice of fireplace should match the room and the space that is avilable for it. A fireplace that is too large will overwlehm a room.

A fireplace mantle is one of the most important parts of a decorating scheme that includes a fireplace. The mantle is the area that surrounds the fireplace. There are many different styles and shapes of mantles. Mantels can be made or wood, stone, or another material. A mantle can simply surround the fireplace or a mantle can include a shelf on top. This can be used for other decorative items.

Since the mantle is one of the most visible parts of the fireplace decorating scheme (and also one of the most expensive), it makes sense to choose a mantle style that sets the tone for the room. A stone mantle can set a look of permanence and stregnth, while a wooden mantle and emphasize other features. Whatever mantle style you choose, you will likely need to set the rooms decor around this style.

Paint your fireplace mantel a bold color. Paint is an inexpensive way to update just about anything and fireplace decor is no exception. Experiment with different layers of colors if your mantel features different layers of trim work. You can also experiment with texturing such as using a sponge to create unique patterns in your mantle.

Candles are a staple when it comes to fireplace mantel décor, but by adding different colors and sizes you can spruce up your mantel. Placing a large candle at one end and several smaller candles at the other end will give your mantel some variety while maintaining balance. Using different shaped candles and adding a variety of color will also create a unique look.

I hope this article can give you some useful advice for decorating your home by fireplace.