18 November 2009

Choose the right window blind for your bathroom

When you consider the window treatment for a bathroom, it is important to consider privacy, ease of operation, and appropriate style.There are many options to choose from for bathroom windows, including curtains, roller shades, and blinds.

Privacy is one of the most important things to think about when choosing bathroom window treatments. If your bathroom window faces a street or neighbor, consider an opaque window treatment that will block people from seeing inside the bathroom. Mini blinds close tightly for optimum privacy. If you choose mini blinds, it is best to select a vinyl mini blind instead of aluminum, since vinyl is more resistant to moisture and humidity.

Bathroom window treatments need to provide easy access to the windows for cleaning and ventilation. Blinds and shutters are easy to operate and their slats can be positioned in varying ways for different levels of light control and privacy.

Fabrics which have been untreated by some type of sealant will quickly present you with the problems that any fabric does when it is constantly wet and re-wet, without a real chance to dry each day.

It’s probably smart to avoid vertical blinds in that when a fan takes them, or they are moved by any type of activity your privacy is still somewhat compromised by the opening of gaps in the vertical blinds.

Great improvements have been made in the workability of plastic and polyurethane, and although it is in some cases mocked as being an inexpensive way to go, it is also a practical way to go.

Roll up blinds of vinyl are also a fantastic way to go because they stay out of the way, are colored to match your décor and are easy to wipe clean given that there are no individual slats to be cleared up when the dust settles, as it invariably will.

10 November 2009

Amazing Kitchen Towels

They seem mundane, but there's no reason for them to be the dullest things you own. seriously.

This set is a pair of my original diagrams - one of a kitchen aid mixer, the other of a set of awesome utensils and knives. they will make your kitchen the best thing ever, just in time to brighten up your dinner party table.

Just the facts:
material: undyed cotton.
size: set of two, each 20" x 28"
notes: durable and awesome. you can use this set daily.
care: machine wash, tumble or air dry, iron as needed. slight fading may occur - to minimalize fading, apply a warm iron to the print before washing.
color options: please include your preference in the note to seller: red, blue, light blue (shown), black (shown), green, blue. if you don't state your color choice when ordering, you'll get a lovely set in the color of my choice.

09 November 2009

Special Wall Art

If you want to transform your walls, the following wall decoration will give you a big surprise.Seriously, got bored of painting walls,using stencils, applying borders, and putting up wallpapers?? Using the super convenient simply gorgeous wall art decals is a very cool and a great way to make a room shine (or to change a room) w/out damaging your walls or the bank! great alternative to wall paper or a head board, and without any of the mess and hassle involved with painting.

The art decals are hand made, they are easy and fun to install.These wall stickers affix on most smooth surfaces and can be removed without leaving any residues.

This giant 7.5 ft tall tree will surely be a total re-wallution for your space!Exclusive design only from OrqueShaw's walldecors! you won't find this anywhere else on etsy!Size: 7.5ftX6.6ftThis tree comes in 3 parts for easy installation, it will appear virtually seamless after apply on the wall.Available colors: black and white.The birds are included!All of our decals are computer die-cut, there are no "edges" nor "backgrounds", all you will get is the lovely image! and after applying they will look like they are stenciled on with paint!Suggested install areas: Walls, Mirrors, Metals, Woods, Plastic...Lightly textured surfaces would be just fine!

02 November 2009

Beautiful Fireplace For Your Home


Fireplace is a classic decoration element in Europe. But now, fireplace has become a popular decor for Asians.When a person enters a room with a fireplace, the person's eyes are almost always naturally drawn to the fireplace.

When it come to fireplace, the style of fireplace is paid more attention.Fireplaces come in many styles, shapes, and sizes. Some have large openings, others are designed to fit in a small area. The fireplace opening and choice of fireplace should match the room and the space that is avilable for it. A fireplace that is too large will overwlehm a room.

A fireplace mantle is one of the most important parts of a decorating scheme that includes a fireplace. The mantle is the area that surrounds the fireplace. There are many different styles and shapes of mantles. Mantels can be made or wood, stone, or another material. A mantle can simply surround the fireplace or a mantle can include a shelf on top. This can be used for other decorative items.

Since the mantle is one of the most visible parts of the fireplace decorating scheme (and also one of the most expensive), it makes sense to choose a mantle style that sets the tone for the room. A stone mantle can set a look of permanence and stregnth, while a wooden mantle and emphasize other features. Whatever mantle style you choose, you will likely need to set the rooms decor around this style.

Paint your fireplace mantel a bold color. Paint is an inexpensive way to update just about anything and fireplace decor is no exception. Experiment with different layers of colors if your mantel features different layers of trim work. You can also experiment with texturing such as using a sponge to create unique patterns in your mantle.

Candles are a staple when it comes to fireplace mantel décor, but by adding different colors and sizes you can spruce up your mantel. Placing a large candle at one end and several smaller candles at the other end will give your mantel some variety while maintaining balance. Using different shaped candles and adding a variety of color will also create a unique look.

I hope this article can give you some useful advice for decorating your home by fireplace.

14 May 2009

How to decor a baby's room?

For all the parents, the baby is the most important person in their lives. All the parents in the world like to give the best goods and condition to their babies. Such as the food, clothes, daily necessities even the room decor. We wish them live in a beautiful room.
Most Nursery decorating ideas are simple projects that you can do yourself right down to making the bedding if you so wish. Your baby can grow up to feel loved and cherished by its mom and dad in this very special room. Babies need very little in the early days. The nursery should be little more than a quiet place to sleep, recharge and have their nappy changed. Storage is essential though, so provide adequate space for nappies, blankets, clothes and toys.
Install a dimmer switch so you don’t have to wake the baby up fully for late night feeds. If using curtains, ensure they have thick lining or install blackout blinds.
Wall decor
If you like wallpaper, there are lots of patterns to choose from. You can wallpaper only half a wall, using a chair rail to divide the painted half from the wallpapered half. You can add a cute border around the center of the room or next to the ceiling, at the top of the wall. Or you may choose painting.be sure paint that is washable. Your newborn won't be tiny and helpless for long, and you'll be glad you painted her walls in washable paint! If you like wallpaper, there are lots of patterns to choose from. You can wallpaper only half a wall, using a chair rail to divide the painted half from the wallpapered half. You can add a cute border around the center of the room or next to the ceiling, at the top of the wall. You can even apply adorable stick-on decorations. These are easy to apply and remove and come in lots of fun patterns, designs, and even favorite storybook characters. You might want to consider using these stick-on decorations on the walls over your baby's crib.
Baby bed
Today's baby beds aren't just designed to be used until baby becomes a climbing toddler. Instead, many baby beds or cribs are actually convertible beds, and your child can use them for several years. Many cribs now offer the option of converting into a toddler bed, and when your child has grown even more, they become the head and foot boards of a twin size bed. When you are considering what type of bed to purchase, you might want to keep these choices in mind, especially if you are budget conscious about your buys.
Once your child starts crawling, look for soft carpet, rubber tiles or smooth wooden flooring with a knee-friendly rug for playtime. Thinner rugs, such as Aubussons and kilims, will need an underlay for added padding and to prevent slippage, and remember that rugs are more likely to slide on carpet than hard floors and will therefore require a non-slip underlay.
Make sure they are certifiable and safe. If you are wanting to use the crib on a long term basis, it is important you pick one of the many convertible cribs on the market. These work for baby, toddler and young child, with just a few quick changes to the crib. Another must in the nursery is a seat for mom or dad : )

06 May 2009

Decorate your patio, enjoy your life!

Patio is a recreation and relaxing place for us.Especially to the office worker. On the weekend, you may like to stay in the patio or garden to have a good rest with your families if you haven't a plan of journey or shopping. I think this must be the best way to spent the weekend.Certainly, you should nicely clean up and decorate your patio or garden. In this case, you can have a good time at home.

The direct and easy way of decorating your patio is choosing a suit of paito furniture.There is a wide range of patio furniture available to suit every patio. You're spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting your furniture for your patio.A patio adds function to your home. It adds living space that is useful at certain times of the year and it gives you options when it comes to relaxing and spending time with your friends.If you have a large patio with plenty of room, you may want to consider getting a entire patio furniture set with multiple pieces. Sets may include chairs, coffee tables, sofas, lounges and/or sun beds. With so many components to choose from in the patio furniture realm, mixing and matching sets is easy. You and your guest will always feel comfortable moving from a chair to a lounge for example after a meal.

Perhaps you'd like to do a little entertaining. Have a few friends around for a few hours to enjoy the beautiful weather together on the patio. After all, if it's hot you don't all want to go indoors do you?So add some more functional furniture to your patio. Add a BBQ. A patio table to two to allow everyone to sit down to a great BBQ meal you've cooked for everyone. Perhaps some loungers so that people can relax. A coffee table so you can make some good coffee for your guests and they've got a small convenient table for their cups.

29 April 2009

How about roman blinds?

Roman blinds provide a sophisticated and elegant look in any room of your home. Traditionally Roman Blinds have been a very high cost window treatment. A combination of the engineering requirements of a blind and the fabric styles of a curtain maker makes a difficult to produce product. By purchasing custom made roman shades you can add a light fabric window treatment to your home, without the use of heavy draperies or messy curtains.

Roman blinds are one of the most popular blinds available in the market today. With its design simplicity and elegance, you can never go wrong with roman blinds. Most of today's homes consider installing roman blinds in their windows because of the said features.Making a roman blind for your home is very simple. All you need is a little creativity and roman blind equipments. You can purchase the equipments needed at your local hobby store. They will also have books for sale containing roman blinds making instructions.

Before you choose the roman blind, you have to consider some factors: color, style, texture an so on.

Color:roman blinds can be thought of as curtains and should be treated as such when choosing a color that best suits your needs. You can use a soft wispy color for spring or summer, and a dark maroon or fall stripes pattern in colder months. If you order custom made roman blinds, you can even have your favorite color or a swatch of fabric matched, to provide an ideal look for your home. Whatever your choice, the color of your roman blinds can make a statement about who you are and what you like.

Style:One type of roman shade folds up into a straight horizontal line that does not bulge or hang down in any way.A teardrop roman blind shape does not lay flat when it is pulled up; instead it forms a looped or teardrop shape with its fabric. This shape of roman blind can provide a softer look, and is more delicate looking that a straight panel roman blind.

Texture:As with color, the texture possibilities are endless with roman blinds as well. Fabrics are made in a variety of textures from course stiff denim, canvas, and leather to soft and subtle sheers and satins.

Installing roman blinds in your home is one of the best ways to make your home more attractive and inviting. It is also one of the best ways to save money by making roman blinds as the alternative to expensive curtains. Another great thing about roman blinds is that it is very easy to clean.

13 April 2009

What kind of wallpaper do you prefer to?

The wall of the room is a very important area for showing. So if you want your home looks more beautiful and specialty, you need to play it smart.There are usually two ways to decorate the wall: paniting or wallpaper. Certainly, they both have their advantages. But Using wallpaper instead of paniting has become a trend in the past few years.

Home decorating wallpaper is making a comeback for today's home fashions with a vast array of designs including eco-friendly wall coverings that are designed to support sustainable living.Wallpaper installation is no longer a difficult and time consuming project. Technology has brought this process into the current century and has made it easier to install and easier to remove than ever before.

There are various of wallpaper that with different advantage and character in the market.Such as Washable wallpaper- When it is stated that the product is washable it means that it can withstand the occasional sponging with a mild detergent. Scrubbable wallpaper-The term scrubbable means that a wallpaper can withstand scrubbing with a brush and mild detergent. Stain Resistant - This means that a particular paper will show no change in appearance after the removal of stains such as grease, beverages, handprints, etc. Eco-friendly wall coverings are natural coverings that include grass cloth, hemp and other natural weaves like the way they were before the modern and sophisticated printing techniques of today. They bring a nice texture to a room while reducing the amount of natural resources necessary to the manufacture and the pollution it can cause.

Besides the different material of the wallpaper, there are also different pattern and graph. when you perfor to choose the wallpaper, you need to consider these factor roundly.

07 April 2009

2009 Home Painting Trends

China has an old saying:The One With All The Resolutions.If you decide to remold your home decoration, don't forget to panit your house again.Before do this work, you need to konw what is the trends of home painting in 2009.Now, read my article and hope it would be helpful to you.

Elegance and luxury have been abandoned and replaced with sensibility and cultural awareness. A respect for nature and fundamental human values are deep within the emerging color trends.The country style of today is more exciting, energizing and modern than ever before.Put the idea of dusty roses, ribboned ducks and stenciled hearts out of your head. There's nothing fussy or precious about country's new look.

Recent seasons have been marked by a surging environmental movement that's still going strong this year; now, however, the trend is purer and more pared down than ever. The objective is to combine simplicity, durability and minimalism in an effort to create rooms that are pleasant and down-to-earth. Driving this trend are materials and textures inspired by nature, such as stone and wood, which set the overall tone for decor, with rich botanical hues -- green or yellow -- brought in to magnify the look.

Painting just one piece of furniture in a fun colour, like a mossy green, is also a great way to bring colour and just a bit of trendiness into your home, suggests Grech.

My recommendation as a painting contractor to the trend conscious homeowner is to first find out when the new color charts will be on display in your leading paint stores, and then compare the colors of 3 or 4 different paint manufactures. An analysis of these color palettes will give you an idea of near future color trends.

23 March 2009

How to Build A Fence?

A fence can be used to maintain privacy, corral animals, keep out unwanted wildlife, mark boundary lines, and divide property. Building a fence is a project that requires careful planning and patience. If you would like to build a fence, here is an outline of how it can be done economically and efficiently.

1. Lay out exact fence line. You'll need to deal with some preliminary surveillance and paperwork. Know where your property line is. You don't want to take the time and money to build a fence, only to discover your neighbor has the right to tear it down. You might try talking to your neighbor to see if they're interested in having a fence. This will enable you to build the fence directing on the property line, and your neighbor may be willing to chip in some money for the project. You'll also need to check on whether your fencing project requires any building permits before you begin.

2. Treating posts. The most important part of your fence is the part that cannot be seen after construction. This is the part of the post that is below ground. Therefore, pressure treated posts or posts treated with a preservative will assure a lasting firm foundation. It is best to soak untreated posts to a point at least 6" above ground level with a preservative. If you cannot soak the posts in this solution, brushing or spraying two or three liberal coats is next best. Full directions are on each can.

3.The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Fence Builder. You may decide you don't have the proper skills and tools to build and install the fence you want. Even if you can complete the project on your own, there are several reasons you may want to consider hiring a professional fence builder. First, they will bring local knowledge of wind, soil conditions, and how different materials will hold up over time given the climate you live in. It's unlikely you'll be able find this information from general fence building advice. The precision and craftsmanship of a professional fence builder will also ensure a seamless, sharp-looking fence that may last for much longer than the fence you will build. Plus, you save time and the inevitable headaches that come with virtually any DIY project.

Tips for good fence construction:

When nailing rails or boards horizontally, do not have all the joints on one post. Your fence will be stronger if you stagger the joints.

When assembling a large number of boards with equal spacing, ensure that the first board is straight and use a spacer or cleat to ensure equal spacing of the boards.

Cut all boards to length before nailing rails to posts. Often boards must be cut to a nominal length to ensure square corners and smooth ends. If this is the case, rails should be spaced according to board lengths.

22 March 2009

DIY Home Light

I think few people has tried to make a home light by themselves.May be consider it as a very hard working. In fact, not at all. You can reserve some used bottles, or beautiful paper or card,even a uesd disposable cup. Those we treat as wastes in our daily life are always the suitable material for making the home light. At the same time, it is the best way to save energy and salvaging.

This light was made using about 120 plastic drink cups (we used 9-ounce cups, but any size would work). Wash and dry the cups, then staple two cups together side-by-side. Place the stapler deep into each cup, and staple as far back as possible. This holds the back of the cups together and begins forming the curved shape of the fixture.

As long as you use your head, you can make a unique light in the world, what a good idea!

26 February 2009

Health begin with the sleeping

In modern times, people pay more and more attention to green life and health. Everyone knows that sleeping is the most effective ways of health care. So the bed sheet and the bed are all important to us. Bamboo sheet is a green and healthy kinds of bed sheet.

Over recent years alternatives to traditional fiber sources have been explored, including the development of a fiber that comes from the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a fast growing and fibrous plant. The qualities of bamboo as a building material have long been recognized in many parts of the world and items such as bamboo flooring and bamboo housewares are becoming increasingly popular. The fiber is also being developed into a thin yarn that is used to weave and knit fine textiles and fabrics. This fabric is ideal for many things including sheets.

Unlike many cottons and linens, the bamboo plant grows quickly without the need of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. This means that the fibers that are produced from the bamboo plant are organic.

Bamboo bedding is becoming mainstream and it can be found in many bedding and household stores. This means that the process of buying bamboo sheets is exactly the same as buying traditional sheets. There are, however, a couple of key points that people want to bear in mind when purchasing environmentally friendly bedding.

11 February 2009

Bed Buying Guide

Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed could cost you up to an hour's good sleep a night, on the contrary, a bad bed will make you tried and uncomfortable from head to foot.

The most important thing that you should look for, while buying a bed, is the comfort. Unless and until the bed is comfortable, you won't enjoy sleeping on it. Therefore, you should always sit for a while on the bed and check if you can feel the comfort or not.

As important is the mattress in ensuring comfort, equally vital is the frame of bed. These days, you can find beds, the frames of which are specially designed to provide support to the box spring and mattress. The quintessence of a comfortable bed lies in its firm foundation.

Size of Bed:
Remember that there are a wide variety of beds available apart from the "traditional" style. Some of them are introduced on the bed types pages on this site. Maybe it's time for something really radical!

Space Saving
If you have limited bedroom space or are looking for an occasional bed for visitors, there are several space saving options available.

Types of Bed
Remember that there are a wide variety of beds available apart from the "traditional" style. Some of them are introduced on the bed types pages on this site. Maybe it's time for something really radical!

Remember:It's a good practice to go through the reviews about the bed that you are planning to buy.

02 February 2009

Decorate Your Home with Pattern

Now is an exciting time for pattern, and particularly for using pattern in the home. Modern designers are using patterns with confidence, flair and, sometimes, a tongue-in-cheek, self-aware sense of humour. Making the most of new techniques and materials, they are pushing the boundaries of pattern to the limits, developing innovative new styles and reinventing old ones, creating a look that is just right for right now.

Selecting patterns, not to mention combining them within a scheme, can be challenging, if not problematic, especially when we have become so accustomed to using plains. Interior design is an incredibly personal discipline, based entirely around your likes and dislikes and how you want to live, and using pattern is just as personal. One person's ideal all-over print is another's cacophonous mess, so when it comes to using pattern in the home, it really is up to you.

How to choose pattern
Bedroom-The pattern you pick is dictated by the mood you want to create. If the bedroom is used only at nighttime, consider a minimum of pattern in a restful palette. For those who use the room during the day, a more adventurous mix of pattern may appeal.

Dining room-Frequently more dramatic than other public rooms, this room is used mostly in the evening. For that reason, it's perfectly warranted to choose bolder patterns. In addition, patterned upholstery and carpets are highly practical.

Kitchen-In the kitchen, where most of the available wall space is devoted to cabinetry, pattern can be a welcome relief. A pictorial wallpaper or scenic drapery fabric can create interest and set the tone for other decorating in the room.

Living room-To allow for visual breathing room, it's best to use simple designs and combine them with solid fabrics. Robust patterns can be distracting, shifting attention from focal points, and creating a confusing backdrop for works of art.

Bathroom-You don’t have to be an interior decorator to choose a bathroom tile which is suitable for your space. Some things to consider when selecting tile patterns are the size of your bathroom and the colors or patterns on the tile. For instance, white might be too boring, dark colors may make the bathroom seem small and confining, and brown with yellow combinations are taboo, for obvious reasons. If your bathroom is a small area, avoid dark colors and large patterns, since these make the bathroom appear even smaller. Another look you don’t want in a small bathroom is a very busy pattern, like tiles which have several different designs going on at once, or other crowded patterns. If you are using a busy pattern, use only one tile every so often, and make the rest solid colored. Even if your bathroom is large, giant patterns can sometimes look intimidating.

Teaching You to Decorate Bedroom

For many people, a bedroom is so much more than simply a place to sleep. A bedroom can be a refuge, a place to escape the demands of everyday life and a place to find that sometimes needed silence and solitude. Simple bedroom decorating ideas can help you turn your bedroom into a beautiful but relaxing retreat.

A good place to begin your search for bedroom interior design ideas is a rundown of architectural design periods or eras for a design theme. You may adopt an Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Gothic, Oriental, Modern theme, and the like.

Decorating your bedroom with a period theme in mind is just an example of a long list of possibilities for bedroom interior design ideas. There are lots more and you’ll soon be overwhelmed with all the options you can do to your bedroom.

Creating your own set of bedroom interior design ideas is also possible even without referring to various Internet websites or design books. All you have to do is look around your existing bedroom or personal belongings and derive a number of bedroom interior design ideas from there.

The important thing is that you start with something you like, it acts as a stimulant and it will flow into a web of interrelated bedroom interior design ideas. Simply start with simple things such as a favorite color of yours, a pattern or symbol that you like, and you can even get ideas from nature such as a leaf.

Inject some of your favourite colour into your bedroom by giving the walls a fresh new coat of paint. Your bedroom will feel brighter and cleaner. Try a bold new colour or a soft neutral.Try changing the look of your bedroom by changing the blinds or curtains. Curtains are available in a wide variety of patterns and fabrics.
New pillows and cushions are another way to add a dash of colour to your bedroom. Multiple pillows and/or cushions on the bed make a lovely accent and allow you the opportunity to see how new colours work with your current colour scheme.The bed is the focal point of most bedrooms, so for the most impact a new duvet cover is likely to do the trick. Bedskirts are available in a wide assortment of colours, fabrics and textures and are a wonderful finishing touch on any bed.

21 January 2009

Tips for Decorating A Small Room

Do you have trouble or bemusement in decorating a small room? You may feel that there is not enough space for your personal belongings or collection, and it may looks cramped and disheveled.If so, start by thinking back to a room from your past that made you feel incredibly secure and happy.

Before you run off to the home decorating store, or start arranging your furniture, familiarize yourself with some of the basic principles you will want to adhere to when decorating your small space.

Storage is a necessity for all of us; unfortunately, it is often a big challenge when it comes to small spaces. But there are some unique ways that you can make the most out of your home’s storage space, without having to give up your much-valued living space. Begin by thinking of ways that you can sneak storage in. One of the best options is built-in cabinets and bookshelves. These storage areas are built right into the walls and don’t take up any extra floor space. They also add a sense of sleekness and style to any room.

Streamlined furnishings, mirror and glass emphasize available space. In order to visually expand a room's size, designers and architects include negative space (the areas of emptiness that surround furniture) wherever they can. By choosing furniture with legs rather than skirts, incorporating glass where possible, and adding reflective elements like mirror, crystal and silver to an interior, you can amplify available light and space to create an expansive feeling.

Color:One of the best ways to expand a space is with very clear colors(paint your house), says designer Mark McCauley, ASID, author of Interior Design for Idiots. "Choose a palette of sharper colors as opposed to duller ones. Sharp as in bright chintzes mixed with colorful plaids or really hot reds and electric blues, yellows and greens (with plenty of air between the pieces). Color combinations with negative space in between will enhance the space's clarity and openness."

Keep it Light.Dark rooms are not only depressing, but they also appear to be much smaller than they really are. To maximize your living space, make sure that your rooms are always filled with light. Instead of using drapes on your windows, consider using sheers that allow natural light in. Add mirrors to walls or shelving units to reflect light and space. Place several lamps around the room, including floor lamps, table lamps, and ceiling lights. This will help to add light at different levels throughout the room, giving everything a nice glow.

Please remember:
DO choose furniture that does double duty. A coffee table that rises to eating height, for instance, or a pair of console tables that can be pushed together to form an impromptu dining table.

DO use chairs rather than sofas for maximum flexibility.

DO consider a Murphy bed when a room has to accommodate an overnight guest.

DON'T opt for a sectional with arms, which limits the way it can be positioned.

DON'T overlook an island, which works not only in a kitchen but also in an office, laundry room or crafts room. Choose one with wheels; it can be set against a wall when not in use.

DON'T allow clutter from a home office to ruin the enjoyment of a room that's also used after business hours.

20 January 2009

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink is an important part of the kitchen.In many homes, kitchens are high-traffic areas. They're often the hub of the home and must be able to withstand lots of traffic and lots of activity. Want to improve the style and function of your workspace from the get-go? Think new sink.

When you shop for a sink, you'll quickly learn that sink designers have been busy in recent years. Modern sinks no longer consist of a simple faucet and bowl. They come in a variety of materials: have multiple bowls of various sizes, shapes, depths, and colors; and are designed with integral drainers, cutting boards, and more.

Material.You can buy kitchen sinks made from stainless steel, cast iron coated with porcelain enamel, composite stone or metal and other materials. Stainless steel sinks are the most popular because they are durable, easy to clean and relatively inexpensive.

stainless steel:Available in a wide range of prices, but you get what you pay for. A cheap sink is made of thin metal—you can feel it flex if you push on a bowl, or a garbage disposal may vibrate noisily; plus, it's easily scratched, has a finish that is hard to keep clean, and may make a drumming sound when you run water into it.

Enamelled cast iron:Traditional look, but not as durable as fireclay. Stylish at an economical price. Look for a lifetime warranty against chipping.

Composite Acrylic and Fiberglass
Not recommended because they soon lose their glossy finish and absorb stains readily. Newer composite sinks have a more durable finish.

Many new sinks come with four holes to mount a faucet and accessories like hot water, filtered water and soap dispensers. If you decide against the accessories, buy a sink with fewer holes or purchase plugs for the holes. so,think about a kitchen faucet set before buying a kitchen sink.

Pick a color if you're not purchasing a metal sink. Consider the color of your kitchen walls, countertops and cabinets. Take paint chips and countertop samples with you when you go shopping.

Step6Buy a kitchen sink made by a reputable company. A high quality sink can last up to 50 years, so any extra upfront costs will pay off in the long run.

related articles:How to Choose The Best Kitchen Faucet

15 January 2009

Choose A Pretty Lamp For Your Home

There are many options available for lighting in homes such as floor lamps, table lamps, canister lamps, recessed ceiling lamps and don't forget to count natural sunlight that should be kept in mind too and can be guided using mirrors. Then bulbs are of different types too such as harsh fluorescent bulbs that emit blue light, soft incandescent bulbs that emit red and yellow light and bright yet soft quartz-halogen bulbs. Not only the color of lights emitted by these bulbs are different but they emit different amounts of light too. Bulbs of different watts can make a room look different while switching a set of the bulbs at a time and another set at another time may makethe look entirely different. Overhead fixtures above as shown in the cowboy huts may make a room appear flat, while wall washers, ambient lighting, accent lighting and up-lighting may make it quite interesting and add dramatic and romantic feel to the room.

Table and floor lamps do not only provide light, but are attractive accessories as well. Lamps are very important in home decorating. Floor and table lamps can be used to dramatize elements of interior design - line, form, color, pattern and texture. Positioning floor and table lamps so that rhythms are created by light and shadow, reflection and diffusions, can impart an active dynamic effect to the atmosphere of your home. Indeed table and floor lamps may be thought of as a sculpture.

To create an eye pleasing lighting pattern table lamps can be complimented by similar in design floor lamps. Vase with flower bouquet floor lamp will be a perfect compliment for a table lamp featured above. Where designers, architects, and artists have turned their energies to floor and table lamps design, striking lighting solutions have resulted.

Floor and table lamps, after all, are tree-dimensional forms - and there is no reason at all why the implicit functionality of floor and table lamps should inhibit the creation of significant and practical forms. Our sculptural floor and table lamps are embody in unique materials, and have a dramatic and exiting structure reflecting both practicality and aesthetics.

07 January 2009

Dress Up Your Toilet

Do you think the toilet in you home is tedious and bleak? It is because you didn't dress up the toilet.In fact, adding somthing small decoration, you will find the toilet is a warm and cute space.Terefor, perfect life is creative life!

For example, you can covered the toilet seat with a pink cover. you also can buy a same serial paper roller cover to wrap up the paper.Beside, a cute mat is vital.To put a small piece of soft mat on the floor of toilet will make the toilet more cleaner and more warmer.

By the way, some small furniture, such as a cabinet made of cane, a wooden box will make the toilet tidy and vivid.Look at some cute toilet pictures below:

06 January 2009

Which Bathtub Do You Like Best?

I have a habit that I must have a bath before sleep. I think most people have this habit, especialy women.A bathtub is an integral part of most homes, so much so that many homes have more than just one.In addition to being highly functional and allowing you to be clean, it also makes for a wonderful place to relax. By soaking in a tub with hot water, you can literally soak your worries away, not to mention the various aches and pains in your body.

Bathtub has many types,different materials, different shapes, different colors, different efficiency and so on. I will simpleandsimple.

Tubs not only come in a multitude of sizes, colors and styles, but in a variety of materials as well. The choice and combination depends upon individual needs and tastes, as well as architectural limitations.

With dozens of manufacturers offering myriad shapes and sizes in a variety of materials and with numerous options, a visit to a bathtub showroom can be a bewildering experience.

Bathtubs are made from Porcelain on Steel, Acrylic, Fiberglass/Gelcoat, Composite, Cast Iron, and Cultured Marble. See our Available Bathtub Materials for detailed information on each of these materials..

The most popular tub type today is still the basic, 5 ft. wall-to-wall built-in model in white or biscuit. Millions of these units are sold every year. There is very style little difference between any of these models. Some are porcelain on steel; some are acrylic; some are cast iron. There are differences in quality and price, but not a great deal in style.

Claw-foot bathtubs are still being sold if you prefer an antique look. Actually, the quality and finish on these units today is as fine as any available. Many people still prefer this style of bathing. Some manufacturers have updated the design to appear quite modern.

In addition, Bathtubs are available in the following styles: Built-In, Freestanding, Soaking, Whirlpool, and Specialty.

When selecting a bathtub for personal use, the most important consideration is comfort. Tubs are being designed in every conceivable size and shape, of a variety of materials, and with a number of comfort features. The best way to choose one is to think about how it will be used, and then to go to the showroom and sit in a few models to find out what feels comfortable.

05 January 2009

Do You Have a Sauna Room in Your Home?

In the modern world sauna is surrounded with an aura of health, beauty and relaxation. Many articles and books agree that sauna was used by Finnish people from ancient time to modern days and was a proven way to become more healthy and good-looking. A sauna today is associated with a healthy lifestyle and traditional medicine.The most obvious effect that an infrared sauna causes is an excess sweating while taking it. Sweating is one of the ways our body uses to detoxify itself. When we sweat, our pores open and clean themselves, resulting in more soft and healthy skin. A healthy person should regularly experience intensive sweating. Sweating in a sauna at home is just simpler - you don’t have to go out, you can multitask while taking a sauna (reading, watching TV of listening to music) and you can do it any time you want.

When infrared sauna emerged, in late sixties, it began to compete with traditional saunas on the same market. Apparently, manufacturers and sellers of infrared saunas began to look for ways to differentiate from the traditional saunas. Some of the advantages of infrared saunas were clear – lower electricity cost, lower air temperature, no humidity – but there was a need for proof that infrared saunas are as beneficial as traditional ones. Even better would be the proof that they are even more beneficial.

Classic far infrared sauna
The most common type of infrared sauna is a room which resembles a traditional steam sauna. It is made from wood and you can place it as an additional piece of furniture in your house. It’s interior usually consists of a wooden bench across the full width of a room. Infrared heaters are built in the walls in front of and behind the bench, on a different height, so that infrared radiation will reach every part of the person’s body sitting in the sauna. One can enter the sauna by the front door. There are usually one or two glass windows and the door can be made of glass too. An infrared sauna typically ships in a self-assembly kit with heaters already built in the panels, and is relatively easy to assemble.

When searching for an infrared sauna, look for comfort in the first place. There is no reason to buy a room to sit in if you don’t enjoy sitting in it, regardless of any health benefits in could provide. After that think about how it will fit your house interior, and don’t forget to determine what power outlets you will use to power your sauna.

03 January 2009

Make Your Bathroom Bright!

The bathroom is always cool and tedious in people's eyes. The wall and the floor is tile, and ceilling is aluminum alloy sheet, the toliet seat is white ceramic, the bathroom rack is made of stainless steel pipe.Dislike the bedroom and the living room, there are not soft and warm element in our toilet. why not to change the current situation by your creation?

First, the toilet seat can be covered with a warm toilet seat cushion.The cushion make you feel soft and warm, espeacially in winter. It is also a decoration for your toilet and bathroom.

Second, Choose a bright and comfortable bathroom rack or bathroom shelf. A wooden rack may looks warm and comfortable.If you have many colorful and soft bath towels, you can folded them and put in the rack.It looks very nice, you can look at the picturers below:

Third, using the warm color curtain. It make the bathroom bright and cute.