07 April 2009

2009 Home Painting Trends

China has an old saying:The One With All The Resolutions.If you decide to remold your home decoration, don't forget to panit your house again.Before do this work, you need to konw what is the trends of home painting in 2009.Now, read my article and hope it would be helpful to you.

Elegance and luxury have been abandoned and replaced with sensibility and cultural awareness. A respect for nature and fundamental human values are deep within the emerging color trends.The country style of today is more exciting, energizing and modern than ever before.Put the idea of dusty roses, ribboned ducks and stenciled hearts out of your head. There's nothing fussy or precious about country's new look.

Recent seasons have been marked by a surging environmental movement that's still going strong this year; now, however, the trend is purer and more pared down than ever. The objective is to combine simplicity, durability and minimalism in an effort to create rooms that are pleasant and down-to-earth. Driving this trend are materials and textures inspired by nature, such as stone and wood, which set the overall tone for decor, with rich botanical hues -- green or yellow -- brought in to magnify the look.

Painting just one piece of furniture in a fun colour, like a mossy green, is also a great way to bring colour and just a bit of trendiness into your home, suggests Grech.

My recommendation as a painting contractor to the trend conscious homeowner is to first find out when the new color charts will be on display in your leading paint stores, and then compare the colors of 3 or 4 different paint manufactures. An analysis of these color palettes will give you an idea of near future color trends.