27 May 2010

Putting An End To The Confusion

With so many different kinds of window treatments available today, it's no wonder that selecting the right solution for your home can be a difficult decision. But if you follow the basic ideas presented below, you should have no problem finding window treatments that will satisfy your home interior decorating needs.

Unless you have lots of land to roam, you probably have windows that need to be covered for privacy reasons. If your living room has a view of the street, you'll want to shield it from passersby. If your neighbor can peer into your bedroom from their backyard, you'll want to eliminate their temptation to pry.
Light Control
When you think of using window treatments for light control, sleeping is probably the first thing that comes to mind. However, controlling the amount of light or glare in a room can also be important for other activities such as watching television, reading, or working at your desk.

Before you select window treatment fabrics and patterns, you'll want to first decide on the mood you want for the room. Do you want it to be casual? romantic? formal?

The reason for this is because the mood you choose will influence the type of fabric and style for your window treatments, which is a matter of personal taste…

Lots of fabric flowing from floor-to-ceiling conveys a formal look. Swags of sheer fabric draped across a wide window rings of contemporary elegance. A simple cornice covered in a colorful cotton fabric might be the spark that brings life to a casual room.

Another window treatment example is shown to the right.
I wanted something simple to cover a narrow bathroom window, so I had this decorative ascot valance made.
The bronze fabric provides a subtle touch. Similar to my living room, metal blinds are tucked out of sight until needed.

I hope this information of window treatments has been helpful.