09 September 2008

Please Save Water in Your Life

Everyone knows that water is important to human and other beings in the earth.Water is a precious resource. Most living things are made up of at least 60% water, including humans who are made up of approximately 70% water. We need water – our lives depend on it.

More than two thirds of the Earth is covered by water but less than 1% is freshwater – 97% is too salty and the rest is ice. It is important that everyone makes an effort to conserve water.

However,we often find water flowing without anybody using. Some people consider it as a unimportant thing, because the water is so cheap. They are optimistic excessively. If every do as this, the water will be used up before long.

Tips for saving water:

1.Install a three-star rated water efficient showerhead. (see showerhead exchange)
2.Take shorter showers.
3.Turn off the sink faucet when brushing your teeth.
4.Install flow control valves to further reduce water use.
5.Insulate hot water pipes. This avoids wasting water while waiting for hot water to flow through.
6.When replacing your old washing machine choose one with a four-star rating.
7.Only wash when you have a full load.
8.Fix any dripping taps or leaking toilet cisterns.
10.When waiting for running water to warm up in the kitchen or bathroom collect it and put it in the fridge or use it to water the garden.

In the garden:
1.Rainwater is better for plants - collect it! Only use mains tap water as a last resort. Watch the weather forecast and save washing-up water for gardening on dry weekends.
2.Water plants in the evening to avoid the water evaporating. Always use a watering can rather than a hose - you can measure more easily how much water each plant receives. A hosepipe left running for one hour will use as much water as most of us need during a whole week!
3.Use a bucket to wash your car rather than a hose.