19 August 2008

The individuation of bathroom cabinet

In modern time, people are wild about personality, not only in wearing, but also in home decoration, even the home furniture. Today, I will tell you about some fashion and special bathroom cabinets.

Bathroom cabinet is used to describe any cabinet that is used or that can be used inside a bathroom. In most instances, the term is synonymous with bathroom vanities, which are stylish cabinets that usually measures 32 inches high, 30 inches wide, and 21 inches deep. Bathroom cabinets, however, are not limited to bathroom vanities. In fact, bathroom cabinets can be as large as a wall cabinet or a tall storage cabinet. In most luxury bathroom units, the bathroom cabinet can even be as extensive as a system made up of a bathroom vanity, a bathroom countertop, a medicine cabinet, and various other types of cabinets.

The develop trends of bathroom cabinet

1. The unification of functionality and beautiful appearance
Nowadays, with the improving of life quality, people don’t settle for the machine-made bathroom cabinet, they hope to hold larruping and beautiful bathroom cabinet in their mind's eyes. The photos below are the young’s favorite:

2. Environmental and health
Environmental, green is a fashion of modern life, it is also the sign of advancement of the society. So, when people choose the bathroom cabinet, they take the bathroom cabinet material factor into account firstly.

3. The antique is also a fashion
Today, you may find some antique furniture in hotel, restaurant and other places. Home decoration also can be found.