17 November 2008

How to Choose Your Shower Heads

If you are a person who loves life, you must pay attention to the decoration of your house, especially the bathroom. Most people telled to me that the Bathroom is the important part of decoration.Shower Head is one of the most important unit in a bathroom.

Once you understand the differences between showers you’ll be able to quickly decide which is the best type of shower for you.

The push on mixer shower is perfect for an older bathroom were there is no proper plumbing ran behind the wall to attach a shower and you have two separate taps for hot and cold.

The bath shower mixer is designed for a tub that has a single faucet and it’s also a great choice if you do not have the plumbing to attach a shower and don’t want the expense of remodeling.

A manual mixer is a shower where the shower head comes out of the wall in the traditional style shower with its own hot and cold water adjustment. With the manual mixer the hose and spray of the shower are attached to the wall unit and the hot and cold water supply are connected with a single valve so adjusting temperature is very easy. You will need to plumb the hot and cold water.

The thermostatic mixer is great if you want to set the temperature and have it maintained. The hose and shower head comes out of the wall in the traditional style shower connecting to a single valve that has a built in stabilizer that adjusts the water temperature based on your selection. Water usage within the house will no longer affect your shower. The stabilizer will ensure flow and temperature remain consistent. Be warned that this convenience is a tad bit expensive.

There are so many types to choose from. The best way to familiarize yourself with all your options is to do some online searching. Then you can decide the shower type and shower head type that’s perfect for you. The best shower type to choose is the one that you enjoy showering under.

What is the latest trend in shower heads? And no wonder, the current offering for modern showerheads can be overwhelming. The trend is that more and more consumers are into design and aesthetics versus functions only. And the new generations of shower heads are qualifying for both - they are beautiful and functional. What's left is to choose the right shower head depending on your desire.

Large shower heads like Dornbracht RainSky and Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker, the Rain type ceiling shower heads remain the most desirable. With the most water coverage, they produce different types of 'rain' while mixing water with air and light. These are the most luxury shower heads you can buy and, of course, the most expensive ones. This type of shower head is actually a very technologically advanced electronic balance module that controls large water flows and requires built-in installation.