11 November 2008

A Tidy Kithen Coutertop Brings Good Mood

If you come into a kitchen, the first place you noticed mostly is the kitchen countertop.If it is dirty and wild, you may be in bad mood and think the host is lazy and dingy.So,you need this area to look good so that when the guests come over, it is spotless. Yet, you also need to have a clean and stain free countertop to keep your food preparations safe. There are plenty of ways to stain a countertop. Some are harder to wash clean than others. Whether you thought of this or not when the countertop was installed is another story. Most types of countertops are easy to clean if you know how to do so.

Basic Daily Care
Dust and dirt etch countertop surfaces. Spills that sit for too long on many countertops can become very difficult to remove. For this reason, a daily routine for your countertops becomes very important. A dry wipe down with a soft clean cloth is all that is needed on a day when the counters haven't been used. If more extensive cleaning is needed, water and a soft cloth can do the trick for most routine cleaning. Be sure to check the instructions for your specific countertop type before proceeding to any other steps.

Wipe Up Spills When They Happen
Spills have the potential to stain and mark nearly every countertop surface. Porous stones that are in need of resealing will soak up spills, and discolor their surface. Laminate countertops can discolor from spills as well. And anything left on the surface of a stainless steel countertop creates the opportunity for damage. When a spill happens, right away is the time to take care of it. Removing spills immediately will protect your countertops in the long run.

Be wary of what extreme changes in temperature can do to your countertops. Many stone countertops on the market are resistant to heat damage, but can still be affected by temperature. Use trivets and potholders to protect your countertops from hot surfaces.

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