03 September 2008

Tips for Saving on Wedding Costs

In morden times, the young is wild about individuation, so they would like to hold a special and wonderful wedding. At the same time, the cost of wedding is going up.How to saving the cost while holding a great wedding?

First, you should make a plan.Set a total budget amount that the parties can afford for the wedding, and live within the budget.If one expense goes over budget, another one must come in under budget by a similar amount Provide some contingency in your budget for the unforeseen.

1.Limit the number of guests. Inviting 150 people instead of 200 automatically cuts your wedding costs significantly.

2.Cut back on clothing costs.We know a smart woman who wore her college roommate's wedding dress,wedding gloves, and even recycled the bridesmaid's dresses from her roommate's wedding for her own wedding. She ended up buying one bridesmaid's dress instead of a wedding dress and three bridesmaid's dresses. Borrow or make a headpiece instead of paying a couple of hundred dollars for one. Men can opt to wear their own, nice suits instead of tuxedos, saving rental costs.

3.Be nontraditional with the food. Not every wedding reception needs to feature sit-down dinner with a fruit cup and full meal.

4.Consider the timing of the wedding. Wedding caterers—the good ones at least—are booked a year or more in advance for Saturdays in June, and often charge more for their services during these busy times. The same caterers in November, however, may be looking for business and willing to give you a break on their costs.

5.Say no to the extras. You really don't need wedding bubbles. Or a picture frame for each guest to take home. You don't need embossed matchbooks or napkins, or elaborate flower arrangements on every table. Keep it simple and you can save significant money.