08 September 2008

Make Your Own Mosaic Work

Mosaic has become a modern and fashion element in our life. Not only in bathroom, but also in living room and dinning room, you can find mosaic everywhere. If you can make your own mosaic work that only belong to you, that must be very wonderful and significative.

First, Get an idea in your head of what kind of mosaic you would like to make. Sketch a basic drawing of what you would like it to look like when it finishes. This can be as detailed as you want, but it just has to give you a guide.

Next, head over to your local hardware or floor store and select and buy the tiles you would like to use. This includes color and texture, or anything that you like. You could also go dumpster diving to find old tiles. These should be ceramic. (If your mosaic will be used where it may be subjected to freezing temperatures, the tiles should be porcelain that is frost resistant.) You may want to purchase a tile cutter if you are looking for a dramatic, organized mosaic with square pieces. You should also buy some tile adhesive and cement.

With your safety glasses and protective gloves on, throw your tiles at any hard object, or simply drop them. In order to avoid major scratches, lay a thin comforter over the ground. Or score and cut with the tile cutter. These are great stress relievers and they don't hurt anyone.

Gather your broken tiles into color categories. This will help you when it comes time to actually put them into place.

Now it comes time to make the mosaic. When you have all of your broken tile pieces, lay them out on a piece of cardboard in the design you wish. You may also lay them straight onto the surface that you will decorate. Again, this can be anything at all. Make fancy designs, or you could attempt to make a portrait.

With the improving of mosaic, the material of mosaic become various. Beside the ceramic, glass mosaic, marble, the paper mosaic are becoming increasingly popular! Paper mosaics are obviously a lot simpler and easier to create than ceramic tile, smalti or other tesserae based mosaics as you don't need grout, tile nippers or other heavy tools.

Gift wrapping paper, recycled paper, old postcards and photos, tissue paper, cartoons, painting, newspaper and magazine articles make great tesserae for paper mosaics. They are all easy to find and most people have an existing amount in their houses without even knowing it!

You can cut, rip, burn or manipulate the paper in anyway you please. Treat the process the same as normal mosaic creation. Simply design and color the layout, glue and lay!

Paper will also allow you to create layers and texture (something that tiles do not allow). If you want to create more of a collage then try layering thinner tissue or rice paper over heavy thick paper and seeing the result!