24 January 2011

Storage Ideas For Kids' Rooms

Are your children's rooms overwhelmed by toys, clothes and other clutter? Check out our gallery of buys and ideas that will have them looking shipshape in no time...

Furnish A Wall
If there's a spare wall in your child's bedroom, it's worth covering it with one single storage unit that can house everything from clothes to toys - that way, you can keep the rest of the room lightly furnished.

Small Scale Idea
These generously-sized storage bags are ideal for storing all sorts of kids’ stuff. Their stiff sides ensure that all their - from dressing up clothes to shoes - are kept safely in one place. Each is lined with plastic for easy cleaning and comes with two sturdy handles.

Find Adaptable Pieces
In a room with sloping ceilings, buy storage units that fit the space perfectly. Ideally, fitted furniture would give you maximum storage, but for a cheaper option, choose free-standing pieces.

Create A Play Space
This is a great solution for bedrooms that don't have space for a playtable. The trundle will live under most beds, ready to be rolled out for play-time, and with two drawers on castors there is also ample storage within it.

Two In One
We love this idea for a kids' room. One minute it's a comfy corner seat with practical drawer storage beneath, the next minute it's a guest bed. Brilliant for kids' rooms when they double up as guests rooms or if they have regular sleepovers.

Keep It Versatile
As they get older, their room will need to be more versatile. We hate to be brutal, but once they're off to university, or renting their first flat, their room will become a guest room, too. So, when redecorating a room belonging to someone in their late teens, bear this in mind. Of course, they'll still need all their creature comforts - somewhere to surf the net or study, a place for their clothes and clutter - but you also need to start seeing the room as one with lots of purposes.