08 February 2010

Bedroom in Neutral Color

Neutral colors are difficult to classify. The more you reduce saturation, the more neutral a color becomes.These colors are very versatile. They are restful, and safe, because they mix well with others.When you want to 'warm up' the room, use warm accent colors - a red rug on the floor, or a throw on the couch. Then to 'cool' it down, use aqua or mint green in flower arrangements, pillows and pictures.

Open Space-With a wall of windows this room has plenty of natural light. Clean contemporary lines are inviting and not overwhelming. To complete the look, subtle pops of color were added through the accessories.

New England Elegance-Dark wood and black accents are softened by classic and comforting patterns and neutral shades. Sheer patterned panels extend a calming effect over the bedroom.

Warm and Natural-bedroom decorated in neutral beige tones is complemented by modern, dark-wood furnishings. Dark wood is a popular option in neutral rooms because it acts as an anchor when mixed with other neutral colors. One simple pillow in the middle of the bed helps to tie the room's palette together.

Neutral Guest Bedroom-monochromatic room is bursting with understated elegance. The warm and cool tones of yellow harmonize to create a crisp and classic space that will keep in style throughout the years.

Beachy Breeze-With a view like this, it only makes sense that the space inside should be just as beautiful. The color palette matches the sand outside. Light walls help to reflect all the light pouring in and a sliding door wall brings the beachy breeze inside.

Simple Comfort-Cozy and fluffy, this is one bed you could disappear in for days. Neutral, clean colors invite you into the space while a very fluffy down comforter calls your name. Large pillows are used to scale down the oversize headboard.