15 January 2009

Choose A Pretty Lamp For Your Home

There are many options available for lighting in homes such as floor lamps, table lamps, canister lamps, recessed ceiling lamps and don't forget to count natural sunlight that should be kept in mind too and can be guided using mirrors. Then bulbs are of different types too such as harsh fluorescent bulbs that emit blue light, soft incandescent bulbs that emit red and yellow light and bright yet soft quartz-halogen bulbs. Not only the color of lights emitted by these bulbs are different but they emit different amounts of light too. Bulbs of different watts can make a room look different while switching a set of the bulbs at a time and another set at another time may makethe look entirely different. Overhead fixtures above as shown in the cowboy huts may make a room appear flat, while wall washers, ambient lighting, accent lighting and up-lighting may make it quite interesting and add dramatic and romantic feel to the room.

Table and floor lamps do not only provide light, but are attractive accessories as well. Lamps are very important in home decorating. Floor and table lamps can be used to dramatize elements of interior design - line, form, color, pattern and texture. Positioning floor and table lamps so that rhythms are created by light and shadow, reflection and diffusions, can impart an active dynamic effect to the atmosphere of your home. Indeed table and floor lamps may be thought of as a sculpture.

To create an eye pleasing lighting pattern table lamps can be complimented by similar in design floor lamps. Vase with flower bouquet floor lamp will be a perfect compliment for a table lamp featured above. Where designers, architects, and artists have turned their energies to floor and table lamps design, striking lighting solutions have resulted.

Floor and table lamps, after all, are tree-dimensional forms - and there is no reason at all why the implicit functionality of floor and table lamps should inhibit the creation of significant and practical forms. Our sculptural floor and table lamps are embody in unique materials, and have a dramatic and exiting structure reflecting both practicality and aesthetics.